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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Look what I've got!

Sorry no stitching to report as yet , well , not my own anyway lol.
Yesterday was the first ever fund raising event for the charity group I belong to . Stitch for Pleasure , Stitch for Charity (link on sidebar).
We went along , and had a great afternoon. I got more stash(like I really need it lol) , charts ,a couple of kits , mags and some other bits and bobs. My kids came home with lots of goodies too.
The highlight of the day was my lovely hubby winning first prize in the raffle , and then handing it over to me. I was absolutely stunned(still am) as I really really loved it and wanted it but never dreamed I would end up with it.
"We" won an afghan , designed by Lucie Heaton(and signed by her) that was stitched as a model for the magazine when the chart was published , and it's absolutely beautiful. I am so lucky to own this.
That's us with it at the prize drawThis is a picture of it laid out on our bed , just because I have to keep looking at it.And some close ups of a couple of my favourite designs , though it is all stunning and so well stitched.All I can say is WOW!


Tracey said...

Cath thats just wonderful, well done hubby for that prize, so where will you hang or use the afgan then needs to be on show allways as its so great
Take care

Gaynor said...

Wow that is beautiful! And yes, it was a double yolker egg lol!

Michelle said...

Wow! Congratulations on the win - it is stunning. You are so lucky!

Cath said...

Thanks everyone ,
And welcome to my blog ,Michelle, hope you enjoy it . XXX

Lindsay-ann said...

Your hubby did great winning that for you. It's absolutely exquisite. Glad you enjoyed your day.

Cath said...

Thanks Lindsay , it wa a great day , as it was actually my birthday too . XX

Neabear said...

You were really lucky to win that!! Awesome! And what fun for you to actually own it now.

Lhassa said...

Travail superbe, félicitations !