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Monday, 16 May 2016


 So , got the laptop back last week, just been too busy to post ,lol.
 The screen decided to go kaput , so we thought it might be the back light , which would cost £60 - £100 to fix , still cheaper than a new computer. Fortunately the light was fine , just some loose screws and hinges putting pressure on one of the cables was causing the problems . Not so good , on giving it a health check , they discovered that the hard drive was failing , so replaced it . Fortunately we had already backed up all the important stuff . I've had to re-install a couple of things and it was frustrating trying to get back on here , but all is well in the end ....

 Well, with the computer at any rate.

 Thursday before last , we got back from school, kids went up to get changed and my daughter came down to tell me that there were cracks in her ceiling with water coming through , not good. Now, I have never been up in our loft before and truly believed that I would never manage it , but I did . Leaking pipe causing the problem, so tried to put tape round it to no avail . Passing things down to my daughter , who turned round too quickly and banged her her on the stair bannister.
  A massive lump came up in less than a minute and she said she wanted to go to sleep , so mad dash to A&E. Two hours later (pretty good) we could go home with instructions to have the next day off school .
 Hubby got home from work , we had to turn the water off fully as he couldn't fix the pipe there and then. All calm until 10.30 pm , when we heard a thud as part of the ceiling came down.

 Temporarily fixed the next day , with plans to do a better repair this week as hubby is off work.

 Last week was full of stress as it was SATs so my daughter was incredibly wound up. So glad it is over. I am looking forward to getting to relax at some point in the next few months ,lol.

 Anyway , I have still been able to do some stitching , so here's what's been done since last time.

  Lots of Love Quilts squares.

 Really pleased with this one , the theme is Star Wars and space , so I charted a couple of SW planets.

 I had ten squares to post in , so took a picture of all of them together before washing.
 This one is only recently finished .
  I have also made some bookmarks for the kids , but they are in use , so I will have to get pictures another time.
  And , just because ,a pic of my lovely boy Fraser , flopped.
Thanks for dropping by ,

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Brief note

Hi everyone. Sorry if I haven't replied to your last comments , my laptop has decided to be poorly.
 Taking it to be looked at today . but not sure if it is fixable and if it is , how long it will take.
 Hope to be back soon.
 Cheers ,

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Still here.

Thank you for your comments on my last few posts. I apologise if I haven't replied , some of you are still no-reply bloggers which doesn't help , but also , I've tried to cut down my time on the computer.
 All this sorting and shifting and scrubbing is cutting into my stitching time , which I don't like at all , lol, so the on-line time had to give a bit to make up for it.
 I'm happy to report that the boy is much better , though he did have to have another couple of days off school. The only problem now is that his ears are still blocked so lots of repeating myself going on .
 I have done some more stitching , so on with the show.

 A couple of any child squares for Love Quilts.

 Snuck in one of my Daughters' squares.
 Another any child square.
 And a named square .
Got four more sign-ups to do , so hoping to get cracking on one of those today , already emptied the bins and done the pots . It's another grey and wet day , so not much else to do.
Thanks for dropping by ,

Friday, 11 March 2016

Marching on.

Well , time is flying again , and not much fun to be had ,lol.
 I have been very busy , but not with stitching. Having a massive spring clean/ clear out at the moment. My daughter has been most amused that every Wednesday (hubbys' day off ) for the last few weeks ,we have been to the dump. It's almost like a second home.  Various charity shops are benefiting too . and at the moment , there are approximately 150 - 200 books waiting to be taken next week , and a few other bits and bobs. I will soon fill the spaces though , got a few books for Mothers Day on Sunday ,lol.
  Anyway , I have done a bit of stitching since I last posted.

 Two more squares for my Daughters' quilt. Only six more to go , then the hard part begins.

 And this is an any child square for Love Quilts .
 Lots more clearing out to do , but the boy is at home poorly at the moment , so I'm taking advantage and spending the day stitching.

 Thanks for dropping by ,

Thursday, 11 February 2016


Well ,the year is flying by , yet again . I really feel that I am getting old.

A little more stitching has been done since my last post .
 This one is a named square for Love Quilts. It is slightly different to the chart as it was meant to be in a circle with a blobby flower, but I didn't like it , so missed it off and just extended the dress downwards a bit.
 This is another one for my Daughter. It is done with the same colours as the tiger ,so will hopefully pull them together a bit when they finally get made into a quilt .
  And a LQ any child square. This one was started last October , but was just fitted in between other projects until the last couple of weeks.
I have started a Minnie Mouse square , but not a lot to show yet . Also having a major spring clean and clear out. We have been to the recycling dump quite often lately , and more to come , lol.
 The stash sort out may have to wait a little while as I have so much other stuff that needs doing.

 Half term next week, so not much spare time to be had , so hopefully I will be picking up those UFOs when the kids are back at school and hubby is back to work .
 Thanks for dropping by ,

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


So last week saw me getting two of my pieces back from the framers, though I wasn't expecting them to be ready until this week at least , it was a happy surprise.
 I am very happy with how they turned out.
  Close up of the frame .
  This one was quite hard to get a good picture of. The mount is actually a dark blue/grey .

 Love them both. Got to start saving up for the next ones now . It may take a while .

 The Young Voices concert was amazing, much better than I had expected . Laura Wright sang a couple of songs . She has a beautiful voice . I could have sat and listened to her all night. We were also entertained by  The Beatbox Collective in between the schools singing , and Urban Strides ,a street dancing group were there too. Fantastic !

 Thanks for dropping by ,

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Frosty mornings

I love a good frosty morning. I would much rather it be very cold than it be wet . You can wrap up warm , but staying dry on the school run is virtually impossible.
 Anyway, frosty mornings are even better when welcomed with a sky like this.
  The pictures do not even begin to do it justice , and it got even better .
  Sometimes ,we need a little reminder of why it's good to be here .
  My latest stitchy finish , completed this afternoon.
 I'm quite happy with the way it turned out.
  Busy day tomorrow, and exciting. Once the shopping is done , I'm off to the framers to pick up two of my stitched finishes , then later we are off to Sheffield arena to the Young Voices concert , as my Daughter is singing with our school. All good stuff.
Thanks for dropping by ,

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Moving forwards.

 A reasonable start to the year with both reading and crafting.
 I have just finished my fourth book of the year so far ,and had two more stitching finishes .

These are both Love Quilts squares , I have a couple more to get done then it will be finishing those UFOs so I can have new starts Yay !.
 Had to do some colour juggling with this one as I wanted the wings to be mirrored and they aren't on the chart. I have stitched this one before. Still love it .
 This one was the cause of more frogs than I would like . I felt like I unpicked more than I stitched ,so was very glad to have it done.

No stitching today as it has been a busy chore day , but hopefully back to it tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by .

Monday, 4 January 2016

Shock , Horror !!!

I forgot to post my projects for last year ,lol.

 Never mind we are still only very early in the New Year.
So in 2015 , I finished 42 cross stitch projects , 25 of those were Love Quilts squares and 4 were for another quilt that is to be made for a music cradle at a respite centre. I also spent most of November working on my current HAED , so not too shabby.

 Books wise, I only read 70 last year . This is lower than the year before and way down on previous years. I kind of lost my way with reading towards the end of the year and couldn't decide what I wanted to read so ended up with nothing. Anyway , hoping to at least equal that this year , but it would be nice to improve.
 Already made a start with my first book finish .
 My lovely nephew bought me this and two other books for Christmas . Have to say , it is quite bizarre , but still an enjoyable read .

  Also had a couple of stitching finishes.
Started this New Years Eve , it's a cover kit from World of Cross Stitching mag. Hubby will be receiving this tomorrow as we will have been together twenty years (makes me feel old).
 We have had some pretty tough times over those twenty years , but got through it together, and I wouldn't change what we've got. We have two amazing kids and are very happy together .

 And I finished my Daughters' tiger . Love it now it's done , but it did get me down a bit at times.
 Have to say I was spurred on a little by the arrival of this:

Now I can kit up my next two HAED starts. Very excited , but still determined to finish those UFOs first. I think I will be eagerly stitching on them very soon so I can get to the next ones ,lol.
 Thanks for dropping by ,

Friday, 1 January 2016

Ringing the changes.

  Hope everyone had a good Christmas . Ours was lovely . We had the day at home and visited family before hand as hubby was back to work Boxing Day . It does feel like Christmas was cut short and I am ready to tale down the decs , but will leave it until next week when the kids are back at school .
  The kids best Christmas presents were Minecraft for the X-box, google game play cards so they could put Minecraft on their tablets , and slush cups ,lol.

   I got no stitchy stash for Christmas , but I got money so will put that towards crafty stuff. Hoping to get one of my finishes framed with some of the money, I have been doing more charity stitching than anything else for the last few years and I got to thinking that maybe it's because I have finishes lying around and at least my squares are used and appreciated. Bearing this in mind,  my plan for this year is to do more personal stitching. I don't do resolutions , but I do have "plans" ,lol. I will still stitch for Love Quilts , but will be working on a lot more of my own projects.

 So , no new year start for me , instead I plan on finishing. I have two small (but big) projects on the go .
 This one is for my daughter.
 and this one is a LQ a/c square.

Both were started in October , but put away while I did the HAED challenge in November.
 I also have my two OFOs,
 Christmas Recipe
 and Three Little Maids
I will finish these early this year , as I want some new starts and I've promised myself no new starts until these are finished.
 And there is Rosita to work on .

  Some of my Christmas money is already gone as I placed an order for fabric and threads to kit up these .
 Play With Me
 and TT A Pale Comparison.

Other than LQ squares , these will be my first new starts this year . Can't wait .

 Picked this up from a charity shop on Tuesday when I took the kids out to spend their money and book tokens. I think I have it , but not sure and can't find it , so also plan to sort out my stash this year ,lol .
  Last years' orts, all squished in the jar
 and spread out a bit.
 And my new ort jar all ready to be filled through out the year .

Thanks for dropping by , and a Happy New Year to you all.