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Friday, 23 January 2015


I slipped on the ice on my way home from school this morning. Heard a snapping noise that could have come from my ankle or wrist , wasn't sure which at the time . Rolled over, checked the wrist which seemed ok, on to the ankle , not so good.
 Why is it that there is never anyone around when you need help ?
Struggled home ,thankfully not too far , and phoned hubby who came home from work and took me to hospital .
 Three hours of waiting and two X-rays showed no obvious fractures, but lots of soft tissue damage , a very bad sprain which feels like a whole lot more.
 Quite a lot of pain and discomfort , which I've been told will in all likelihood be worse tomorrow.
I've been told to rest with it elevated most of the time , but walk around for short periods every hour or so. I really know about it when I sit back down.
 Making good use of a walking stick and going upstairs backwards as it hurts less ? Go figure .

  Anyway , the swelling has gone down a little now  .
Having to fight with the cat for the pouffe ,lol . Still , it could have been a lot worse ,looking on the bright side , if it's not hurting too much , I should get plenty of stitching in .

  So ,take care out there when it's icy guys , it happens when you're least expecting it.


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A mixed bag

Well ,we are getting some very mixed weather at the moment. The other day we had hail/ice which covered everything .

 Straight after this , the sun came out and there was glorious rainbow.

Today we have snow , not as much as last time , though it is still trying . The day is very grey. Had a very disappointed hubby and kids this morning when they realised there was not enough to stop them going to work and school .
 I'm lucky to have my Christmas pressies to keep me warm . My lovely mittens .
 Hand knitted socks.
 And snuggly scarf . This pic was taken in the last lot of snow .
Latest finish .
 This is for my daughter and will be made into a cushion cover .

And these are the butterflies I have been working on for another charity group. They will be put together with other stitched squares and made into comfort pillows.
 These are a few waiting for their bodies , I will do them all together.
I am planning a bit of a stitchy day today as I didn't get any done on Monday or Tuesday. Monday was busy tidying and clearing out and yesterday I was in school until lunch time listening to the kids read. It was kind of unplanned , I just offered to help sort out a problem which got solved anyway so then kind of got volunteered to do reading. I always said I wouldn't go into a class that one of my kids was in , but my sons' teacher is struggling to fit everything in and only has a couple of part time TA's she also has quite a few children that require extra attention.
  First time went ok , so I will see how it goes.

Still snowing a little , and I am meant to be having an extra school run today as DD is supposed to be staying for Handball club , so we shall see.
 Take care everyone ,

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Catching up

Well time is flying already.
 We have just had a flurry of snow , but everywhere is very wet so it hasn't stayed. Kids will be disappointed ,but I'm quite pleased as I have to go shopping tonight ,lol.

 A little bit of stitching has been going on .
I have completed two squares for LQUK

Good news is that three of my any child squares are going onto quilts in the near future.

 Now started another dragonfly , this time to make into a cushion cover for my daughter. Only a little bit done yesterday , so no pics as yet. I've also been stitching small butterflies for another charity group , but no pics of them either . will show next time .
 I am warm and snug at the moment  ,wearing my hand knitted socks that I got for Christmas. Also got a pair of hand knitted mittens so I am very blessed .

 Sharon , Donna and I are just about to start our Sister Stitcher exchange year , looking forward to that .
Thanks for dropping by , I will be back soon .


Thursday, 1 January 2015

And then it was gone .

Went to bed last night with the world still white with ice and snow. what a change when I got up this morning .
   Warmer weather and rain had taken most of the snow away . The rest has gone this afternoon. We now have wind and rain . Lovely !
 I didn't quite get my last finish of 2014. The last of the back stitch on this was put in this morning , so an early finish for this year .
   And here is my orts for 2014 . Hoping to have a new container for this year , but my son needs to eat more snowies ,lol .

So ,a quick round up of 2014 , I had 44 finishes , and most of them were squares for LQUK , I stitched 34 squares , 16 sign ups and 18 any child(spare) squares.

 Book wise , I read 85 last year  ,which is down on the last two years , but I did stitch more , so not too bad .

 For this year , my aims are to do more personal stitching, I love doing LQ squares , but have promised to stitch more for my kids , and I would like to get more done on my HAEDs and other projects . Reading wise , I'd like to equal or improve on this years numbers .
 However , I have another plan for this year which could have quite an impact on both of these aims , so we will have to wait and see. I will share more later when hopefully things will start to happen .

 So , I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year , and as someone very special said , may your smiles change the world , but the world not change your smiles .


Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Nearly New Year

Hi everyone ,hope you all had a great Christmas. We ended up having our dinner late due to waiting around for other people , so I got a bit fed up , but otherwise it was good.
 The kids received some lovely gifts (so did I) and had a lovely time.
Both kids had new scooters so we went out Boxing Day afternoon for them to have fun . Just in time as later we got a heap of snow ,which is still here and looks like staying for a while as it is very frozen now .
 Both kids have had great fun sledging , they have been wanting snow for a long time .

 A couple of crafty finishes before the year ends .
 I did manage to complete the two scarves , which were given as gifts. Have not heard from the recipient yet , but hopefully they are liked.

 My latest stitchy finish . I have started another one in the series , and am hoping to get it completed before the end of the year , but no guarantees .
  See how deep the snow is ! Luckily I had gotten myself some wellies and the kids new snow boots just a couple of weeks ago . Boy am I pleased about that .
  Sledging fun . This is the only view you will get of my kids until they are much older. I am OTT about internet security things when it comes to my babies.
  Pretty views.
 Ice crystals on the snow.

 So , stay safe if you are out and about in these conditions , our roads are terrible, I am fairly sure that not one little bit of grit/salt has been put down since we had the snow . Hubby is taking me shopping tonight , I don't drive much now with only having the one car , so am not as confident as I used to be .

  I will be back soon with a re-cap of the year and hopes for the next one .

 Take care ,

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Merry Christmas

I would like to wish everyone a Very Happy Christmas .
    Hope you get all that you wish for.
 I just want to have a happy time with my family

Take care , and see you after the man in the red suit has been .


Friday, 19 December 2014

Almost ready

for Christmas .
 Bought the last to be bought gifts yesterday . Hubby has graciously nominated me to make two scarves for Monday , so going to have  busy weekend .
 We finally got he tree up last night and it is fully laden with "stuff" thanks to the kids ,lol.
Now, I have have lots and lots of wrapping to do. A quick tidy up this afternoon as we have people coming over this evening , should be fun .

 A little bit of stitching has been done . Love quilts any child squares.

  Not sure if this will end up a LQ square or if I will do something with it myself .
    There is a set of ten charts and I kind of fancy doing them all and maybe attempting a lap quilt , but we will see. I am enjoying the very little stitching time I'm getting at the moment .

Hope everyone is well and safe and looking forward to the festive season.

Take care ,

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Must make more time to blog .

I have things to post about , but keep putting off actually doing it ,lol.
 The time of year is not helping , I have so many things to do and it's hard to work out what to do first so mostly end up doing not a lot.
  We are almost done with the present shopping , hubby and I are taking a day out to get each other some things , looking forward to the day more than the shopping ,lol.

 I have been busy for LQUK again , pretty squares .

This picture will not go the right way , sorry .
  Any child squares .

  A friend bought a stuffed toy kit for their daughter , thinking it cam with bits of fabric to put together . Wrong ! It came with wool and needles for the bits to be knitted up . They didn't have a clue so asked me if I could sort it out .
 I quite enjoyed making it up , over three days but with lots of time doing other things. A nice little kit really .
 This was our sky this morning . Lots of frost , but it was better than yesterday which was black ice everywhere . It was a bit tricky on the morning school run I can tell you.

 More news coming soon . Stay safe and warm peeps. I have had the heating on all day for the last couple of days . The cats are much happier ,lol.

There is still time to join in with the sister stitcher exchange for next year if you are interested .x

Take care ,

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Turkey Time

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends in the USA . Enjoy!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Sister Stitcher Exchange 2015

Would anyone be interested in joining in with a Sister Stitcher exchange next year ????

 The idea would be to send a number of gifts to someone through out the year ,I'm thinking maybe 5 gifts over the twelve months .

 I will leave this open until the end of the year , so if you wish to join in, just send me an e-mail with your info and I will add you to the list .