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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Happy New Year !

Better late than never , lol .

Apologies for not posting a Christmas greeting , I was ill for most of December so Christmas happened in a bit of a rush here , I was still ordering gifts the week before Christmas , the tree went up a couple of days before , but we got there in the end.

 So , last year was a bit of a mess really , lots of life getting in the way moments . I have not really stitched since September . I am really missing it , and hope to do some soon , but now have another reason for being distracted.
  My orts for last year are rather disappointing ,

My daughter took some out and screwed them up into a little ball , I was most unimpressed !

  Stitching wise , a let down , I had 15 finishes and most of them for Love Quilts .

  This year , I just want to stitch . I would love to finish at least one of my HAEDs and start a few more ,lol and there are lots of other projects I want to do , but I'll have to see how it goes.

 Reading was more successful , I read 102 books last year , but have a feeling the number will be reduced this year .

  The main reason for lots of the changes is this

This cute , crazy little creature came to live with us in November. His name is Flash and he's an English Springer Spaniel. I love him to bits , but wow , it's like having a baby again , including getting up in the night to do potty duty. We can start taking him out for walks on Thursday and I can't wait. He's getting bored and frustrated and so are we ,lol.

 Sad news is that we lost one of my sons' lovely gerbils yesterday . They are all getting old now , but still very sad . Popcorn will be very much missed by us all .
Hopefully this year will be a better year all round , but particularly for stitching .
Best wishes to everyone .
 Thanks for dropping by ,

Wednesday, 21 November 2018


So , this is going to be a very hard post to write , which is one of the reasons I've been putting it off .

 Many of you knew our fellow stitcher and blogger Gaynor of Stitchers Anon and if you did , you will have also known of her brave dealings with breast cancer .

 Sadly , Gaynor passed away on 16th September , with her family by her side . She had been in hospital for a while , which is not the way she wanted things to go , but I know she appreciated the care given to her and her family during that time .

  I have "known" Gaynor since before I started this blog, when I used to read her previous blog, where she amused ,entertained and made you think with her clever and articulate posts. Later , I joined a stitch along blog with her and some others to encourage us all to finish our UFOs . Gaynors' cursing at her E-type Jaguar was legendary.

 I started this blog , and we chatted via comments and other bits and bobs , later becoming facebook friends as well and bloggy friends and I got to know her quite well. We lost another friend to breast cancer some years ago , Cathey of the Pumpkin Patch and used to share reminiscences and memories of how lovely she was .
  I was around when Gaynor started designing , have lots of her charts and am very lucky that during one of our exchanges I was given a lovely piece that she designed and stitched . It is something that I will treasure.
 I tried to be a support to Gaynor as she was dealing with her diagnosis . sometimes just letting her know I was there if she needed to talk .

  Gaynor was such a wonderful person ,and an inspiration to me in so many ways. She made me want to be the best person I can be . Even through her tough times , and she had them , despite appearances , Gaynor continued to be there for the people she cared about , often putting her own feelings and needs aside so she could offer support to others .

  Gaynor was a loyal , loving and giving friend. She was clever , funny and quite caustic at some times , but in the nicest possible way. She cared , about people , about animals and about the world , but most of all for her family ,especially her beautiful Granddaughter .
 She was a creative and talented designer , a crafter , a writer (I have both of her Holmsey Hare books), a teacher , a friend a Mum and Grandma and of course a wife . She was a fundraiser ,a campaigner , a warrior when needed and she was so many more things to so many people
and she was an amazing person to know.

 I want to pay tribute to my lovely friend , who I miss every day ,  Gaynor you brightened the world for so many people , you will be missed forever by all who knew you and I am sorry you didn't get the time you wanted , but glad that you are no longer in pain .

  Love you


Thursday, 1 November 2018

Is it 2019 yet ?

Have to say , I've pretty much had it with this year.

 Earlier in the year , my MIL was poorly and so was Grandma in law , who then passed away . At around the same time , my Grandma had a pretty bad fall which left her shaken and scared to be at home on her own , so she moved into a local nursing home.

  Things were going well ,she settled in and was happy with the situation .

Sadly my Grandma died on the 21st October , very quietly and peacefully with my mum at her side . My Aunt and Uncle and some of their family however , are still on holiday around Australia and New Zealand so it has been a very fraught time trying to make arrangements for when they get back .

Added in to the mix , last year my Daughter pulled her shoulder whilst throwing a javelin at school. The GP practise diagnosed a strain , advised rest and ibuprofen and it improved after a short while. She had problems intermittently over the year until July when she struggled to pull the plug out of the bath and we ended up at A&E.

  Many appointments, x-rays , wrong diagnoses , physio based on the wrong diagnosis and further appointments later , she ended up with an MRI scan with dye injected into her shoulder. Two appointments later ,we still haven't been told what the problem is , but we have an appointment next Thursday afternoon to see an upper limb surgeon , so I'm thinking it's not good. Meanwhile ,she is in constant pain and is unable to use her arm . We have been threatened with fines from school due to low attendance , even though it has been for appointments or because she has been in so much pain she's had little or no sleep and cannot even get dressed.

 So , next Thursday also happens to be the day of my Grandmas funeral , thought it is earlier in the day , so I will be glad when it is over.

  Also , like many others in the blogging community , I have been mourning the loss of a wonderful person , blogger , designer and friend Gaynor French who died of breast cancer. I have struggled to put into words how I have felt , but at some point I will write a post to honour that very special lady who I still miss every single day .

  And , one of my sons' gerbils had a tumour on his tummy , so lots of vets appointments , and surgery followed . Thankfully , I am very please to say that he has made a full and complete recovery and is happily doing everything he has always done.

So , not a lot of anything has been done other than stressing and worrying.

  I did a label for Love Quilts , but it seemed to take forever. I am now taking a break for a while as I just don't have to time ,energy or inclination to do it at the moment.

I want to stitch , but wanting and doing are two very different things . I have finished a free cover kit from a magazine , but haven't got a picture and that is all .

 I am still reading quite a lot , just not updated Goodreads since like forever ,

So until next time , thanks for dropping by ,

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

A slight delay in posting

Sorry I have been AWOL for a while , last time I posted my MIL had been admitted to hospital with pneumonia. She was in for nearly two weeks and on being discharged went straight to the bedside of her Mum (hubby's Grandma) who also had pneumonia .
  Due to her age (nearly 101) the doctors thought sending Grandma to hospital would be too stressful , so she has been bed bound at home for the last couple of months with my MIL and her sister looking after her and more recently with help from carers.
 My lovely Grandma in law passed away on Saturday morning , just three weeks shy of her 101st birthday. She remained stubborn to the end , and will be very much missed , but for her sake it was a blessing as she wasn't comfortable and had no quality of life. Whilst it was not unexpected , it still hits hard .

  So , I have done a little stitching and lots of reading since last time .

This one is an a/c square for Love Quilts. I sent it in along with the previous squares and this one and the batman and robin from last time have already found their place on a quilt .
  This one is for me , and a good job too as I made so many mistakes it was unreal . Still , I like it and that's all that matters . It's an original !

I have started another one in this series , but not much progress as yet , I tend to be too tired to stitch when I've been at work and then have lots of stuff to catch up on the other days , so at the moment stitching time is limited.
  I am hoping to get more done on my HAEDs and hopefully start a new one soon , as I've bought the threads I needed for it , so watch this space.
 Thanks for dropping by ,

Friday, 20 April 2018

Resistance is futile

I've kind of given up on the idea of doing less for Love Quilts , I always seem to think "I'll just do one more before having a break" and that break is not happening at the moment.
  My sons' wee doggy has been sadly neglected . I'm still getting into the work routine and am not up to counting too much at the moment , plus I have realised that I grossly miscounted at the start and he is not centred properly,which has put me off somewhat.
 But , still wanting to stitch so I have been doing lots of block colours for team Superhero.

 And loved doing this bright label.
 Just finished yesterday.

 Easter half term , hubby also had the second week off work so we had some fun days out when I was not working.
  We had a day in Skegness , it was chilly and foggy but we had fun nonetheless . We can never go past a branch of The Works , so popped into the Skeg one , and I found treasure.
  This is extendable , magnetic and has an LED light on the end . Perfect for if you drop your needles , and a bargain at  2.50 . I haven't seen them in the local shops , so not sure if they are limited .

Our local Hub has some very talented people who love sharing with the community . One such gentleman is a wood turner and goes into the local primary school to do demos for the kids .
 My son was chosen for the most recent one and was over the moon to be given this pen that he saw being made . It is absolutely lovely , and I'm a tad bit jealous.
  That's all for now , I am busy doing laundry so I can dry outside while we have the lovely weather.
Thanks for dropping by ,

Monday, 5 March 2018

Ooops , I did it again !

Square finished for Love Quilts.
 But , I also finished this , and love it.
 The stripes in the water were getting me down a bit , but I love the end result.

   Had a couple of questions about this , but some of your blogger profiles are set to no reply so I couldn't e-mail back .  Anyway , the design is by Jody Rice and is in Cross Stitch Crazy issue 226 March 2017. I stitched 2 over 1 on 19 ct fabric using the called for DMC threads.

  So , finishes mean starts right ?
 My latest project is another dog for my boy .
 What it will look like
I have another sign up for Love Quilts , but it's not due until end of May , so I'm not starting it straight away . I want to get more of the dog done before allowing myself to be distracted by anything else .

   In other news , after eight months or so of trying , I have got a job . No start date of yet , should find out from Thursday onwards when I can get cracking , but really looking forward to it . I will be working as a domestic at the local hospital three mornings a week. Ready for a new challenge.

Thanks for dropping by ,

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

I have a problem !

I was reading some of my old blog posts earlier on , and for the last 3 / 4 , maybe even 5 years I have been saying that I'm going to do more personal stitching , and less for Love Quilts , and yet I still haven't managed it .
 My personal project of the moment is this :
 This is where I'm at , at the moment .
 I love the colours, I love the shapes and I love how neat the stitches are coming out.
 The model is stitched on 14ct , but my fabric is 18 , almost 19 count which makes the stitches much closer together, so no show-through and the colours look much more vivid.

 So , in theory it should have been done by now , but I have also been stitching on this
  Yep, you guessed it , it's a square for Love Quilts, I just cannot seem to stop myself .  Told you I have a problem !
 Thanks for dropping by ,

Sunday, 14 January 2018

A New Year !

Means time to re-cap .

 So , 2017 was a bit of a flop stitching wise , I had 32 starts and 29 finishes , 21 of which were squares for Love Quilts . No big finishes and not as many small ones as usual. I fell into a bit of a funk towards the end of the year , mainly due to stress and jury duty ,but thankfully things are improving now .
 My Orts for last year :
 My jar was emptied ready to start afresh .

Books read last year came to a grand total of 133 , quite a bit more than previous years but with not as much stitching , I had to be doing something , right? 

  Christmas saw a big enhancement to my book stash .

 And these were purchases from the charity shop  , so I am set for a few weeks ,lol.
I have been busy stitching since the holidays.

   This was started last year , but finished on the 2nd of Jan and is a sign up for Love Quilts.
This one was started 2nd Jan and finished on the 9th , another LQ sign -up. They have both been posted now along with the Green Lantern logo which was originally an a/c square but has since been used for a sign-up.
 After Mickey , I stitched this for my daughter. It was complete , but she's now decided that she wants her name and birth month putting on , but it shouldn't take too long to do .

I love doing my Love Quilts squares but I really do need to start doing more of my own stitching , my stash is languishing and has been for far too long , so I am now stitching on a personal project which is quite different to what I would normally do , but I'm loving it . I will show that next time .

 I did have a teeny bit of stash for Christmas , I ordered it before hand as I knew I would be getting mostly money , so just a few bits. Most of my cash went on new clothes as I have lost over a stone in the last few months and I was getting a bit fed up of my bottoms falling down ,lol .

So , Happy New Year , here's to a year full of stitching , stashing and reading and whatever else you would like .

 Thanks for dropping by ,

Sunday, 24 December 2017

'Tis the season

and the time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas .
I am rather late as this week has been extremely busy and I only finished wrapping gifts around 3pm today (so not organised this year).
  To my overseas friends , I apologise for not sending cards this year , to be frank I could not afford the postage costs , however it does not mean that I haven't been thinking of you and I do wish you the very best for the season.
 Thanks to all my followers ,especially those few who take the time to leave comments on this blog of mine , it is much appreciated. I will be back soon with the usual end of year round up and aims for next year .
With warm wishes for a wonderful Christmas filled with love and laughter .

Cath x

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Winter already ?

We had some snow on Thursday , thankfully not a lot and it didn't stay around for too long . I am just not ready.
 Not ready for Christmas either. I am so not organised this year , it's dreadful.
 I finished the dog for my boy , and love how it turned out.

 This is an a/c square for Love Quilts. I needed some easy stitching whilst on jury duty and this fitted the bill nicely. I did the black outline the week before and then just had to "colour it in" . I couldn't take it with me as no sharp objects allowed , they even took a pair of baby nail scissors off me the first day , so I just left them out of my bag after that . Still , it was nice to have something to pick up in the evenings when I wasn't too blasted .
  Jury duty was not easy and it is extremely wearing mentally and emotionally. I am only now beginning to feel that I can put it mostly behind me . I only had one case Monday - Friday the first week . Had Monday and Tuesday off the second week , went in on Wednesday to wait around all day and then be dismissed , but to be frank it was a relief .
  After I finished Green Lantern I wanted to do some "me" stitching so finally got round to doing this gorgeous chart by Gaynor of Stitchers' Anon .
 This was charted as a memory piece for Cathey and I am so glad to finally have it stitched. Not sure how I am going to finish it off yet  but I'm leaning towards a wall plaque kind of finish. We will see.
 Now I've got to decide what to do next .
 Thanks for dropping by ,