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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Something new

Last year I made up a few covers for R & R stitching frames , for myself and a couple of others .
Word got around (as it does) and I was asked to make a few more for some of the Love Quilts ladies.

It became more known and I was asked again and again so decided to make up a few to sell. This has been in the planning stage for quite some months, well before Christmas in fact. First off I was looking for a second hand overlocker , big fail there as they all ended up going for a higher price than I wanted to pay. After Christmas I took the plunge and bought a new one , and then sprained my ankle so I couldn't use it . Finally I got sorted enough to make up some covers and have set up a page on Facebook to sell them.

You can find the page here if you are interested .

I currently have four sizes available in several different fabrics , though some have sold out already.
Just a taster

 I will be making more sizes and with more fabrics , so if you can't find what you want , let me know and I'll see what I can do .

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Where has the time gone. I can barely believe that the first week of April has been and gone already.
   We are into the first week of the Easter holidays here , and so far the weather has been lovely.Dry days with lots of sunshine  . So , we have been busy out and about . Today was a relaxing day (sort  of) though we did have to alter and fit a fence panel which took rather a long time , then a walk down to the post office was in order.
 In between these "little" jobs , I have managed to get some stitching in. I will show my current project next time though as I have some older ones that need to make an appearance first .

   The elusive wolf for my daughter.
  Named square for Love Quilts
 Any child square for Love Quilts
   Leaving gift for my Daughters' teacher who is going to specialise in teaching French .
  Named square for Love Quilts.

  The project I am working on now is for my daughter too ,then back to LQ stitching for a while . I do like the variety of squares .
  Other news to come , but next time .

 Thanks for dropping by ,

Monday, 23 March 2015

Not quite total

Eclipse that is .

 Friday morning was eagerly awaited in this house as it had been marked on he calendar since last year when the boy had asked about eclipses. We went on line and searched for images and for when the next eclipse would occur, so it was with great delight that we got up to a clear morning .
 We did end up with some cloud cover
 but to be honest , it made for a better view
 and I think ; for better pictures.

 A shame that more wasn't made of it at school as most of the kids were interested and one year have been studying space, but we enjoyed it.

  Back soon with stitchy news.
 Thanks for dropping by ,

Monday, 16 March 2015

Time flies

Whether you're having fun or not .
 The last few weeks have been pretty busy, so not as much stitching time as normal . Plus , with hubby being at home my routine has been shot , and lots of other things going off.
 No news on the job front , though an interesting proposition has been made . If it comes to anything , it will mean some fairly major changes to us all , but we need to learn a lot more .

 So , stitching , I finished Cinderella
 I have also stitched a wolf for my daughter , but strangely I don't seem to have a picture of that . will remedy it next time .

  Went to craft group at the beginning of the month and someone was giving away loads of chart books , so a lovely stash enhancement was made .

 Can't wait to make good use of these . Still plugging away on  butterfly square at the moment , it is taking much longer than anticipated , but as I said , busy , busy .

 Thanks for dropping by ,

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Still here

and pootling along .
  Done a bit of stitching ,
Love Quilts square for Donna
 Love Quilts square , any child . Hearts is a very popular theme for girls , so I'm sure this will be put to good use .
 Doggy for my boy .

I am currently working on Cinderella. Hoping to have her finished by the weekend, but we will see. Progress is slow at the moment. My ankle and knee are playing up , so very achy and uncomfortable at the moment. Plus , on a downer as hubby came home at lunch time yesterday . He has been made redundant , so everything is up in the air yet again. So , not much done yesterday and today was spent going to the job centre , what a waste of time that was and sorting out a few bits. 
 Fingers crossed for something to be sorted soon .

Thanks for dropping by ,

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Wye is no more !

If you remember a while back , I posted here  about Wye Needlecraft packing up shop and leaving Bakewell . After a bit of searching I discovered that they had moved to Mansfield , which was a hurrah for me as I can get there by bus .
 I said I would check out the new shop and post a review , but sadly that didn't happen . I did manage to fit in a quick visit , but the shop seemed unfinished , and to be honest I wasn't very impressed.
 To be fair , I thought I would give them another try later and then post a review.
 I went over a couple of weeks before Christmas , and found the shop closed. At 11 ish on a Tuesday morning. I did find that a bit odd to say the least , but sometimes things happen beyond the control of us mere humans , so no worries ,will try again next time .
 Sadly, it is not to be . I received an e-mail from Wye last night stating that they have decided to become an on-line store only.
 Now , I will be totally honest , I have always found them to be on the expensive side , and of recent years , the stock has been reduced to far less choice than I remember from when I first went in there , but it is nice to have a bricks and mortar shop to go to. Whilst shopping on-line is infinitely cheaper nowadays , sometimes you just want to browse and rummage and feel the silks and fabric.
 I am now pretty much limited to Hobbycraft when it comes to craft shopping, so it looks like more on-line stashing for me , and more than likely not from Wye , as I am fairly sure I will find better prices elsewhere.
 Still , -tis a sad day .


Friday, 6 February 2015

Fed up

Hi everyone , I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment.
 My ankle is improving , but slowly . still swollen and bruised and still painful , but I can get around . Some days are worse than others.
 Hubby had Monday-Wednesday off last week to ease the pressure, went to work late on Thursday so he could take the kids to school first. He got sent home from work because of the snow and got back in time to collect the kids from school at lunch time, then they had a snow day on Friday .
 Since the weekend , both kids and myself have started/had the rotten cold that is going round.
Snow showers and ice have made it very slippy and I will admit to being scared to go out in case I fall and hurt my ankle again .
 That said , I have made the school run every day except Wednesday when both kids and I were feeling too rotten to bother ,
  I am really ready for Winter to do one now , and usually I don't mind the cold weather .

 Have managed to get some stitching in . I decided to just rummage through my charts and find things that I would like to stitch . Here's what I came up with .

 Any child squares for Love Quilts .

 This was going to be an LQ square too , but my Daughter has claimed it . Not just that , but Son-shine wants one too , so I will be stitching another one but in a different colour .
 Hubby and Son went to a war games convention on Sunday and Daughter wanted to make something. I was thinking an owl or something small ,but she wanted to make a snake .
  We went through the fabric stash and she chose some that she liked . I drew a quick pattern and we cut out two pieces . I can't use the sewing machine properly with my dicky ankle , so did a bit with the opposite one and showed my girl how to use it and she did the rest .
  Have to say , I was very impressed as she did what she was told and did it very well .
  Here's what we came up with .

Now, she want to go on the sewing machine at every chance ,lol, but I have said we will wait until half term and do something then .

Hope everyone is well , We are still in the middle of a cold snap with threatened wintry showers and/or heavy frost . Not nice .

 Incidentally , I am having a small problem with the comments. Not all of them are going through to my e-mail , so if I haven't replied to your comment it's either because of that or because some people still have their profile set to no reply..

Take care, 

Friday, 23 January 2015


I slipped on the ice on my way home from school this morning. Heard a snapping noise that could have come from my ankle or wrist , wasn't sure which at the time . Rolled over, checked the wrist which seemed ok, on to the ankle , not so good.
 Why is it that there is never anyone around when you need help ?
Struggled home ,thankfully not too far , and phoned hubby who came home from work and took me to hospital .
 Three hours of waiting and two X-rays showed no obvious fractures, but lots of soft tissue damage , a very bad sprain which feels like a whole lot more.
 Quite a lot of pain and discomfort , which I've been told will in all likelihood be worse tomorrow.
I've been told to rest with it elevated most of the time , but walk around for short periods every hour or so. I really know about it when I sit back down.
 Making good use of a walking stick and going upstairs backwards as it hurts less ? Go figure .

  Anyway , the swelling has gone down a little now  .
Having to fight with the cat for the pouffe ,lol . Still , it could have been a lot worse ,looking on the bright side , if it's not hurting too much , I should get plenty of stitching in .

  So ,take care out there when it's icy guys , it happens when you're least expecting it.


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A mixed bag

Well ,we are getting some very mixed weather at the moment. The other day we had hail/ice which covered everything .

 Straight after this , the sun came out and there was glorious rainbow.

Today we have snow , not as much as last time , though it is still trying . The day is very grey. Had a very disappointed hubby and kids this morning when they realised there was not enough to stop them going to work and school .
 I'm lucky to have my Christmas pressies to keep me warm . My lovely mittens .
 Hand knitted socks.
 And snuggly scarf . This pic was taken in the last lot of snow .
Latest finish .
 This is for my daughter and will be made into a cushion cover .

And these are the butterflies I have been working on for another charity group. They will be put together with other stitched squares and made into comfort pillows.
 These are a few waiting for their bodies , I will do them all together.
I am planning a bit of a stitchy day today as I didn't get any done on Monday or Tuesday. Monday was busy tidying and clearing out and yesterday I was in school until lunch time listening to the kids read. It was kind of unplanned , I just offered to help sort out a problem which got solved anyway so then kind of got volunteered to do reading. I always said I wouldn't go into a class that one of my kids was in , but my sons' teacher is struggling to fit everything in and only has a couple of part time TA's she also has quite a few children that require extra attention.
  First time went ok , so I will see how it goes.

Still snowing a little , and I am meant to be having an extra school run today as DD is supposed to be staying for Handball club , so we shall see.
 Take care everyone ,

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Catching up

Well time is flying already.
 We have just had a flurry of snow , but everywhere is very wet so it hasn't stayed. Kids will be disappointed ,but I'm quite pleased as I have to go shopping tonight ,lol.

 A little bit of stitching has been going on .
I have completed two squares for LQUK

Good news is that three of my any child squares are going onto quilts in the near future.

 Now started another dragonfly , this time to make into a cushion cover for my daughter. Only a little bit done yesterday , so no pics as yet. I've also been stitching small butterflies for another charity group , but no pics of them either . will show next time .
 I am warm and snug at the moment  ,wearing my hand knitted socks that I got for Christmas. Also got a pair of hand knitted mittens so I am very blessed .

 Sharon , Donna and I are just about to start our Sister Stitcher exchange year , looking forward to that .
Thanks for dropping by , I will be back soon .