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Friday, 19 December 2014

Almost ready

for Christmas .
 Bought the last to be bought gifts yesterday . Hubby has graciously nominated me to make two scarves for Monday , so going to have  busy weekend .
 We finally got he tree up last night and it is fully laden with "stuff" thanks to the kids ,lol.
Now, I have have lots and lots of wrapping to do. A quick tidy up this afternoon as we have people coming over this evening , should be fun .

 A little bit of stitching has been done . Love quilts any child squares.

  Not sure if this will end up a LQ square or if I will do something with it myself .
    There is a set of ten charts and I kind of fancy doing them all and maybe attempting a lap quilt , but we will see. I am enjoying the very little stitching time I'm getting at the moment .

Hope everyone is well and safe and looking forward to the festive season.

Take care ,

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Must make more time to blog .

I have things to post about , but keep putting off actually doing it ,lol.
 The time of year is not helping , I have so many things to do and it's hard to work out what to do first so mostly end up doing not a lot.
  We are almost done with the present shopping , hubby and I are taking a day out to get each other some things , looking forward to the day more than the shopping ,lol.

 I have been busy for LQUK again , pretty squares .

This picture will not go the right way , sorry .
  Any child squares .

  A friend bought a stuffed toy kit for their daughter , thinking it cam with bits of fabric to put together . Wrong ! It came with wool and needles for the bits to be knitted up . They didn't have a clue so asked me if I could sort it out .
 I quite enjoyed making it up , over three days but with lots of time doing other things. A nice little kit really .
 This was our sky this morning . Lots of frost , but it was better than yesterday which was black ice everywhere . It was a bit tricky on the morning school run I can tell you.

 More news coming soon . Stay safe and warm peeps. I have had the heating on all day for the last couple of days . The cats are much happier ,lol.

There is still time to join in with the sister stitcher exchange for next year if you are interested .x

Take care ,

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Turkey Time

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends in the USA . Enjoy!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Sister Stitcher Exchange 2015

Would anyone be interested in joining in with a Sister Stitcher exchange next year ????

 The idea would be to send a number of gifts to someone through out the year ,I'm thinking maybe 5 gifts over the twelve months .

 I will leave this open until the end of the year , so if you wish to join in, just send me an e-mail with your info and I will add you to the list .


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Monday, 10 November 2014

Round the World Blog Hop

Thanks to Gaynor for asking me to join in with this . This is the first time I have joined a blog hop .

So , to my questions .
1)  What am I working on ?

 Well ,as usual at the moment it is a square for Love Quilts UK . This time it is a label for a named quilt , but I often do general squares for named quilts or any child squares which are used as spares or to make up emergency quilts.
 (My current WIP)

 Love Quilts UK make quilts for children with life-long or life-limiting illnesses. Each quilt uses 12 or 15 cross stitched squares . Each square is made and sent in by volunteers and each quilt is put together by other volunteers. The group is run on donations and the quilts are given to the children with no cost to the families .

2)How does my work differ from others of its' genre ?

Well, I guess as it is for charity rather than for me or family or friends . I often stitch pieces that I would otherwise never get the chance to stitch , and even some themes that I'm not too keen on stitching , but it is what a child has requested .
(Recently finished label)

3) Why do I create what I do ?

 I love the idea of being able to make ill children smile and give them comfort . I get to stitch a lot of designs that I like but would not normally stitch and then donate them to someone who will love them . It doesn't get much better than that .

4)  How does my creativity process work ?

When a child is accepted to receive a Love Quilt , a theme is chosen by the family and is put on the sign up board a while before you can sign up to stitch a square . This gives you chance to hunt out charts and find the perfect design that you want to stitch. Then comes the waiting and stalking of the site to see if you can get a much coveted slot on that quilt. It doesn't always happen and sometimes it is disappointing , but there are always more children and more quilts , so you soon look to the next one .
  Stitching for Love Quilts UK is very rewarding and also quite addictive as a lot of our members will testify . But , every stitch is worth it .
(Recently completed any child square)

 I will ask you to go to Rhonas' blog next week to read all about her lovely stitching and designing .

I have also asked Bekca and Barb  if they would like to join in , but haven't heard back from them. If you are reading this ladies and wish to join in,please do so.
Thanks for reading ,

Sunday, 12 October 2014


Breaking news ...

 We popped into Bakewell today ,as you do , just to have a mosey round and the plan was to call into a friends' shop and then I could mooch around Wye Needlecraft .
 It was a bust on both counts. The friend wasn't at her shop and Wye Needlecraft has gone .

 So ,as soon as I got back I googled their website , which is still up and running  and they have moved to Mansfield.
 Now this is good for me ,as I can get into Mansfield on the bus a lot easier than Bakewell .
So , I feel a journey is in the air for some time next week , all in the interests of my followers and readers of course. I will give you a review as and when .

 Thanks for dropping by .

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Stitching and stuff

Wow , lots to catch up on as usual .
 I am quite behind on showing my stitching finishes with posting about outings and other things.

Still doing lots for Love Quilts UK .

For Daniel .

For Courtney .

Any child .

For Meghan. This one was only finished last night and so needs a quick wash .

It took quite a few hours , but was well worth it . I love this design . Credit must go to the designers . The chart was produced by Rainbows Invites and can be found on e-bay .

I have also received a couple more cards for the birthday thread exchange. Thanks to Nicole and Vicky  .

The card from Lonneke will be on its' way soon, but she has been ill and had a lot to cope with . Hope you get well soon Lonneke . Nothing yet from Bernadett and no message either . She has really let everyone down with this exchange ..                                                                                                
Thanks for dropping by .

Take care ,
 Cath x

Friday, 10 October 2014


 In remembrance of Cathey  , who passed a year ago .

Still missed.

Monday, 29 September 2014

It's my Birthday .

 Well ,strictly speaking it isn't my birthday , my birthday was on Friday  , but I have been too busy to post .
 I organised a thread exchange this year and so would like to show my lovely cards and threads that have arrived.
 From Sharon
 From Valerie
 From Gaynor
 From Donna
 From Mary Jane.

Thank you so much ladies , they are lovely and hopefully there are more to come .

  I also had a little stash enhancement from hubby. Love this design so much , I have been wanting it for over a year.

How can anyone not love that cute little face ?  I have two squares to finish for LQUK before the end of October , then I am planning some serious personal stitching time . Can't wait !

Thanks for dropping by ,