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Sunday, 27 September 2015

It's Pumpkin Day

Today is the day we celebrate the life of a lovely lady who sadly lost her life to breast cancer almost two years ago.
  Two years ago , we bloggers knew the end was close for our friend Cathey , so may of us posted pumpkins on our blogs on her blogoversary the 27th September.
  Cathey was very poorly by this time , but we were told be a friend that she saw and loved the pumpkins , so in her honour, I and some others are carrying on the tradition to remember and honour a courageous , kind and beautiful person.
 You can find Catheys' blog here if you want to read her story in her own words .
Cathey , you are still missed and remembered by many. xxx

EDIT :  Gaynor at Stitchers' Anon has designed a gorgeous free chart to commemorate Cathey . See here .  Thank you Gaynor  , HUGS X

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Well , time is flying again. soon be the end of the summer holidays for the kiddos . Part of me is relieved ,another part is sad to see the end of a mostly fun time.

 I kind of disappeared for a while , for a couple of reasons. I was stitching on a secret project which I was not really enjoying so it took quite a bit longer than it should have. So, no stitching to show. Then , we booked a last minute holiday to the coast , so I was frantically trying to get things washed and dried ready to pack , getting the kids and animals sorted and also getting things ready for hubby as he was at work. The new job is going quite well ,thanks to everyone who has asked.

 Anyway , Saturday we got back from our break and we had a great time , but I'll post about that later.

 Stitching news , the secret project was duly sent off , and put together with some other fab pieces and turned into the finished item .
 This is what I stitched
It has been added (with a lot of other gorgeous squares) to make an amazing king size bed quilt for a lovely couple who recently got engaged. I'm not going to name names as I don't have their permission, but they were very happy with their fantastic gift . Though I really did not enjoy stitching this as I had to make my own chart and I couldn't get the words to look right no matter what I tried , so I ended up leaving them off. I would still do it again as they deserve it so much.

 I needed a break after this , so charged full on into a Disney princess square for LQ . They are so popular , we never have enough .

Then , I promised my Daughter that I would do one of hers , so a wolf popped up.
I will be doing more of these very soon.

  Yesterday saw me put the last stitches into this little guy
Again , he took longer than expected , but while we were away the weather was kind to us , so we spent a lot of time out .

 So , that's the stitchy catch up. Expect a lot of non-stitchy pics in the next post .

 Thanks for dropping by ,


Thursday, 23 July 2015


Just a quick note folks , if you are in need of black and/or white threads get them for a good price here  . I am a DMC girl usually, and these are Anchor , but for that price ,who can argue ?


Thursday, 18 June 2015

June so far

Thought I ought to write another post while I'm in the swing of things , otherwise who knows when I'll get sorted again ,lol.
 Stitching so far this month has not been too bad . I've completed three squares for Love Quilts .

Had a break for a couple of days before starting my next project. It's not too big but will have to be a secret for a while, so no pics straight away .

  Other news , Hubby started a new job on the first of the month. It's taking us a while to get into the new routine but hopefully things will work out soon.

Thanks for dropping by ,

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Mays' catch up post

Lots going on , but first the stitching.

 Lesley Teares' Owl for Love Quilts . I loved stitching this and may do it again one day for myself. OK , who am I kidding , lol. I spend so much time doing charity stitching I hardly ever do anything for myself , and I have tons of charts and kits waiting , but hey , I can dream right ?

 One of our Love Quilts quilters is making a quilt for the therapy music cradle at a hospice that his daughter attends and asked for some music themed squares and this is what I came up with .
 LQ squares

  And , on the 21st May , we were very excited to go and see Shake Shake Go at Rough Trade in Nottingham . We have followed the band since we saw them busking in Nottingham a couple of years ago and have waited not so patiently for them to come to the area again. Last year they supported James Blunt on the UK leg of his tour , and have been doing lots of music festivals too. We all love their music and they are great people too . They stopped to chat after the gig and signed things for the kids, So a brilliant night . Sorry for the bad pics,I was more interested in enjoying myself.

A quick video for your enjoyment.

Thanks for dropping by ,

Monday, 8 June 2015

OK , Who stole May ?

Wow . time really does fly , even when you're not having fun .
 I guess I've got lots to catch up on . I have thought about posting on many occasions , but kept putting it off until tomorrow. Well , they do say tomorrow never comes , so here we are . I need one of those all elusive things , a round tuit . I will get many things done when I get a round tuit .

 So. I will do a few catch up posts . First off ,the rest of April. Best go and have a look where I got up to ,lol .

 Ok , so I was a very lucky lady and received a gorgeous knitted bunny from  Chris  . Her name is Rosa and she is just lovely . She sits on the back of the settee so she can keep an eye on my stitching ,lol.
 Details of her lovely dress .
 And look at those adorable shoes .
 Thanks again Chris , I am still enchanted by her .

  Stitching wise, I completed this cat for my Daughter
 And this Koala ,
 Owls a/c square for Love Quilts.
 My Daughter has recently got into Design a friend dolls , and has bought a few (helped by me and e-bay ,lol) This is her first one (from Argos) in a couple of outfits hand made by yours truly .

So that's all for April. Watch out for May and early June posts coming up, lol.

 Thanks for dropping by ,

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Something new

Last year I made up a few covers for R & R stitching frames , for myself and a couple of others .
Word got around (as it does) and I was asked to make a few more for some of the Love Quilts ladies.

It became more known and I was asked again and again so decided to make up a few to sell. This has been in the planning stage for quite some months, well before Christmas in fact. First off I was looking for a second hand overlocker , big fail there as they all ended up going for a higher price than I wanted to pay. After Christmas I took the plunge and bought a new one , and then sprained my ankle so I couldn't use it . Finally I got sorted enough to make up some covers and have set up a page on Facebook to sell them.

You can find the page here if you are interested .

I currently have four sizes available in several different fabrics , though some have sold out already.
Just a taster

 I will be making more sizes and with more fabrics , so if you can't find what you want , let me know and I'll see what I can do .

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Where has the time gone. I can barely believe that the first week of April has been and gone already.
   We are into the first week of the Easter holidays here , and so far the weather has been lovely.Dry days with lots of sunshine  . So , we have been busy out and about . Today was a relaxing day (sort  of) though we did have to alter and fit a fence panel which took rather a long time , then a walk down to the post office was in order.
 In between these "little" jobs , I have managed to get some stitching in. I will show my current project next time though as I have some older ones that need to make an appearance first .

   The elusive wolf for my daughter.
  Named square for Love Quilts
 Any child square for Love Quilts
   Leaving gift for my Daughters' teacher who is going to specialise in teaching French .
  Named square for Love Quilts.

  The project I am working on now is for my daughter too ,then back to LQ stitching for a while . I do like the variety of squares .
  Other news to come , but next time .

 Thanks for dropping by ,

Monday, 23 March 2015

Not quite total

Eclipse that is .

 Friday morning was eagerly awaited in this house as it had been marked on he calendar since last year when the boy had asked about eclipses. We went on line and searched for images and for when the next eclipse would occur, so it was with great delight that we got up to a clear morning .
 We did end up with some cloud cover
 but to be honest , it made for a better view
 and I think ; for better pictures.

 A shame that more wasn't made of it at school as most of the kids were interested and one year have been studying space, but we enjoyed it.

  Back soon with stitchy news.
 Thanks for dropping by ,

Monday, 16 March 2015

Time flies

Whether you're having fun or not .
 The last few weeks have been pretty busy, so not as much stitching time as normal . Plus , with hubby being at home my routine has been shot , and lots of other things going off.
 No news on the job front , though an interesting proposition has been made . If it comes to anything , it will mean some fairly major changes to us all , but we need to learn a lot more .

 So , stitching , I finished Cinderella
 I have also stitched a wolf for my daughter , but strangely I don't seem to have a picture of that . will remedy it next time .

  Went to craft group at the beginning of the month and someone was giving away loads of chart books , so a lovely stash enhancement was made .

 Can't wait to make good use of these . Still plugging away on  butterfly square at the moment , it is taking much longer than anticipated , but as I said , busy , busy .

 Thanks for dropping by ,