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Friday, 11 April 2014

Time Flies

Whether you're having fun or not ,lol .

 I can't believe that it has been a month since my last post. One of those times with not a lot to say I guess.
I have been stitching , but not a lot . Time has seemed to have been in short supply lately.

 I have made a little progress on Rosita , wish it was more , but there you go .
 The only other project I have been working on is this .
It is a square for LQUK, but as the chart is fairly large , it is on 16ct aida instead of the usual 14ct , and it is taking an age to get done . I am thinking about another 1500 stitches then all the back stitch. Hopefully this week or next will see it finished so I can get on to other things.

 I have also been taking some time to try and organise my stash. At the moment this involves lots of looking through old magazines and removing usable charts .Hopefully this will create more space to enable me to organise everything else , but it all takes time.
 I also got very engrossed in a set of books ,so didn't stitch for over a week while I ploughed through them ,lol.

 Well, that's all for now , the kids are on Easter holiday from school , so a second visit to the library this afternoon , for Easter craft. Swimming lesson and ice skating party tomorrow, who knows what Sunday will bring.

 A quick aside , Thread Bear did indeed refund the postage from my order .

 Thanks for dropping by ,
 Take care ,
 Cath x

Monday, 3 March 2014

A tale of two thread orders .

Most of my stash is bought using money that I get for my birthday or for Christmas .
   Last year , I bought a couple of LK charts that I wanted to kit up , so I checked out a few ONS' to find out the best prices of the threads (GAST AND WDW) . It turned out that two different stores were cheapest for the threads ,so I ordered one from one store and the other from the other. Even with two lots of postage , it was more economical.
 The GAST I ordered from the Patchwork Rabbit. Very fast turnaround , no problems at all and I was very happy.
 I placed both orders on the same date , 27th December last year. Within a week I had received the GAST .

The WDW I ordered from Thread Bear. Now, I have ordered from them before and always been totally happy.I knew that the store had been taken over by new people, but as the website and everything had stayed the same , I assumed that the service would be the same.


I placed my order on the 27th , got a confirmation back straight away which said (as usual) that they would be in touch in a couple of days to let me know what was what. I know that they don't carry everything in stock so I might have to wait , but as nothing was desperate , it wasn't a problem. By 5th Jan , I still hadn't heard anything so sent an e-mail to check if there was a problem.
 Got an e-mail back on the 7th stating that as it said on their site they had been off for Christmas until the 4th. OK, they would have to order a lot of the threads , but had a few in stock if I wanted them sent out straight away.
 I got right back to them and asked how long it would take for the threads to come. Two days later , they reply that it takes 10-15 working days.
 So , I replied that it was OK to wait and send all together.

Fast forward to 18th Feb, still not heard anything and I was going to give them until the end of that week and tell them not to bother.
 On the 20th , I got an e-mail to say it was being sent out that day . I had to e-mail back and ask what the postage cost would be as their site adds a huge charge on , but they do not take the money until the order is processed and then just add what the postage costs.
 The reply said £3.50 , which I thought was a bit much , but wait and see.
Two days later the envelope arrives and the postage cost was 90p .

 Unimpressed does not even begin to cover it. I sent an e-mail asking how they justified it and to be fair , I got a reply very quickly saying that they had charged as a package when it actually got through as a large envelope. I know the post is tricky to calculate now , but they didn't then go back and sort it out.
 They have agreed to refund all the postage , so just got to wait and check if that has been sorted.

 The whole thing has left a bad taste , and really put a downer on a stash acquisition ,which should be a fun thing, right ?
 In fact , until today I haven't even looked at the threads ,at the time ,I just stuffed them back in the envelope in case I decided to send them back and tell them to stuff it.

 So , they have lost a customer. Even if they are cheaper than anywhere else , I will not use them again.

Anyway , here are the threads .

Just hope it doesn't put a downer on using them.

 My latest finishes for LQUK

 And a couple of scarves I made over the weekend.

In other news , the bully has been at it again , but had a go at my daughter this time , so I had to have a word with a teacher , again. Getting pretty fed up of it now.
 A lovely day today , dry and sunny . Let's hope it stays that way .
 Thanks for dropping by ,

Thursday, 20 February 2014


Yes, I have been doing some . My rotation has still not really come into action , lol. but I have been stitching quite a bit.

 Two any child squares for Love Quilts .
   This was a lovely pretty one to do.
  I am hoping they will make their way onto quilts soon.
 This is a square for a named quilt and it very nearly ended up in the bin.
 The fractional stitches and back stitch were a total pain , and I was plagued by frogs and knots.
 So glad to get this one done. I am pleased with how it turned out, but I will be happy  to never stitch another train again .

These two snowmen are for fund raising. One of the LQUK members has offered to make a couple of wall hangings to be auctioned this Christmas time . Can't wait to see them.
 I have another square almost done , so will show that next time ,along with some progress on Rosita (hopefully) .

Thanks for dropping by ,

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Threads storage .

 First off ,a big Thank you to everyone for the lovely comments on my last post. I tried to reply to everyone , but some were no-reply comments and one kept bouncing back.
  Your comments really helped and made it a bit easier for me.

I took the opportunity at Open Evening to have a word with my sons' teacher. She discreetly had a word with the kid ,who came and asked if he wanted to play the following day. It was only for a short while before she wandered off ,and I'm sure it won't last , but we'll see. It makes it very hard as we have known this girl since she and my Daughter were at nursery together , so going on 6 years. I cannot understand how kids can be like that , but still. All's well that ends well, for the time being at least .
 Half term this week , and my son is glued to the Winter Olympics ,lol .

Remember I had to wind all those threads onto bobbins?
 Well, this is what they look like done .
  I wasn't sure if I'd have enough space in all my boxes ,as I didn't really want to use the ones that have broken hinges for the lids, so I picked up a couple of these from Home Bargains.
 They were a ridiculous price of around £1.49 I think , and the little dividers come out . They are a little shallow for the bobbins , but with a squeeze will close and keep everything safe.
 So ,this is almost my entire collection of DMC threads. I have left spaces as some threads are in use and obviously, there will be more added at times.
 This is my Anchor box with a few unbranded threads  at the end . The paper at the top has the Anchor-DMC conversion numbers of the threads I have , to make life a bit easier .
 WIP box for Rosita.
  And "others" WIP boxes , usually my charity squares and there are the threads that the kids are using for their Pokemon they have started.
There are still some other threads out in another box for my Christmas UFO/WIP.

Lots of lovely threads in gorgeous colours, to brighten the days a little .

  Thanks for dropping by ,

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Utterly fed up .

Sorry folks , I need a bit of a rant today.

 So fed up of the rain and mud everywhere . It is muddy on the way to school , and the chooks have been wading for a couple of weeks now. Of course , it's not just mud that they're wading through , or that I have to wade through to get to open and close them up every day .

 But , that is not my main grumble . I am fed up of people. Not all people you understand , just some of them , and sadly I have to come into contact with some of those people on a regular basis .

 I am bringing up my children to treat others as they would like to be treated themselves , with kindness, consideration and respect , so why isn't everyone else ?

 Several days over the last couple of weeks , my son has been upset by an older child who will not let him join in a game of "Tig" in the school playground in the morning . There are around 20 or so kids playing , of varying ages ,and both sexes and yet he is not allowed to join in . No good reason , other than she has decided he can't . Even if it is not "her game" she tells him he can't play.

  My son is seven years old , and a sensitive soul who just wants to run around with other kids , and have fun.
  I asked the kid (who I know) the other day to please stop upsetting him and let him play, and I was ignored. Today I made sure I wasn't ignored when I stated that it was unfair to not let him play ,especially when there are so many playing , what could it hurt ? The answer was to stop playing until he moved away .

 Why are people so horrible ?

 I am beginning to wonder if me and my family have big neon signs some where that say "treat me like dirt" . so fed up of people being rude , ignorant , inconsiderate and just downright horrible.

 What is the world coming to ?

 Like someone else mentioned a few days ago , I too do not watch the news or read papers etc. The only news I get is from MSN or what other people tell me. It is too depressing and I have to deal with plenty of crap on my own doorstep.

I need a break .

 Will be back soon with some stitching and stuff.
 Take care ,

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Bad Blogger.

Apologies for my absence , I am not feeling the groove at the moment .

I had a very stressful week at the beginning of this month . I posted of a package to Love Quilts , and it decided to go missing along the way . It had five squares in , and two of them had deadlines for the end of this month , so I was faced with the possibility of having to re-stitch three squares in a very short space of time . Not a prospect I was looking forward to .
 Fortunately, they did turn up , but were held to ransom as the stamp/postage label had somehow become separated from the envelope.After a week of waiting , I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It took me a while to come down and my stitching and blogging mojo are still not at 100 % .

 Added to that , my W key has come adrift , which makes typing a little difficult ,lol. It's amazing how often you need to press W.

Anyway , on to good things. I managed to finish another a/c square for LQUK , which was in the envelope . Quite pleased with this one.

And , I was a very lucky winner of a give away that Lisa was having , and what a gorgeous package of goodies I received.
  The lovely gifts were all parcelled up in this gorgeous fabric and ribbon , but I was too eager to see what was inside to remember to take  before picture.

                                           Amazing fabric , can't wait to find suitable projects .
                                            Floss winders and stitch bows , beads and pretties.
      Lovely threads , Christmassy DMC colours and some WDW and GAST and a spool of Kreinik .
                                     Yummy choccy which is being savoured a little bit at a time.

Fantastic charts , just to my taste .

And , last but definitely not least , the most gorgeous fob . These pictures do not do it justice , it is absolutely beautiful .
 Lisa , Thank you again so much , I love everything and can't wait to use it .

I also placed a small (yeah right , who am I kidding ?) order with Katz X Stitch with some of  my Christmas money . Stocked up on some DMC and some fabric and bobbins .

Just before Christmas , a lady offered some DMC threads on the LQ facebook page as a donation , so myself and one of the other members  said we'd pay a donation to LQ for the threads ,as usually the cash is more useful with people using their own stash to stitch the squares.
 Anyway , I received 150 skeins of DMC . They are old as have the paper tabs on , and some of them are very grubby,but I'm sure they will come in useful .  So , I have been very busy winding nearly 200 skeins of floss onto bobbins . not got a pic at the moment ,so will show that next time .

 Well, think that's all for now. Off to hopefully get some stitches in .
Thanks for dropping by ,

Friday, 3 January 2014

A couple of finishes .

 I'm on a roll here folks .
 I finished up ABCD by La-D-Da yesterday. Very happy with how it turned out, this time ,lol. I originally started with a totally different colour ,and didn't like how it came out one little bit .
   I think it is the wishy-washy pale green/grey that put me off, but it just wasn't working .
 So , I pulled out some four stranded thread by 21st century yarns that I bought at Harrogate a few years ago , and it was much better . I just used one strand of thread as it is thicker than standard stranded cotton, but the coverage is quite good .

  This is stitched on a random piece of even weave that was in a bargain pack from Readicut a few years ago. I think it is something weird like 26ct , but looks quite nice.
  A better idea of the colours , though I have struggled to get a good picture with the horrible weather we are having at the moment.
  Ta- Daa!
 My attempt at a panoramic shot ,lol .
 So , all done and dusted and the chart will be zipping back up to the Mouse House next week .

 Todays' finish requires a little explanation . In my Daughters' class at school , they have a "Star of the week" every week, which is decided on Fridays. My Daughter was chosen on the last day of term , so it continues until the first Friday back at school .
 As "Star" she got to bring home Freddy the Fish. We were originally going to make him a Christmas Stocking , but time kind of disappeared and I am now pretty much done with Christmas ,so we decided to go with a sleeping bag instead.
  My lovely girl decided after we had made the sleeping bag that she wanted his name on it, so I found out a bit of aida band and made it up as I went along . Then she decided that she wanted a picture of him on it too.

  The completed sleeping bag .
 and his likeness, which I think is pretty good for the size of it .
 It fits !

 LOL, My Daughter was very happy with it , so it was worth the afternoon and evening spent making it up.

 As I said , I am pretty much done with Christmas. The tree is still up , but hopefully only until tomorrow .
  My new wreath , made by MIL will stay up a little longer though .Very pretty .
 And , I can't believe I forgot to show my new pretty . Though actually ,it's understandable in a way as it was put up out of the cats' way to try and keep it safe .
  My new cup candle , with a pair of antique scissors attached. Not sure what the perfume is , but it smells gorgeous , and I love it . Still debating on whether or not to remove the scissors.
 Well ,think that's about it for now . Stay safe everyone , the weather is being pretty horrible to lots of people at the moment .
 Take care ,

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year !

I remembered some more bits from last year (seems weird saying that ,lol.)
 Anyway , I little finish for my boy. This only took a couple of hours ,if that. I plan to put it in a key ring for him .
 I also stitched this up with the intention of making a notebook cover for my niece. I fluffed up on the final finishing though , so held it back. I will stitch it again and it will either be a just because gift or for her birthday , depending on when I do it .
 Orts ! I don't join in with the Tusal posts , but do like a show of orts at the end of the year . The kids graffittid my tub , so need another one at some point ,lol.
 Out of the jar .
  And a very special Christmas gift from a friend. Isn't this just gorgeous ? I love it so much and am going to display it on my shelf when i gets cleared of bumpf .
  And these lovely hand made earrings. So precious ,and a totally unexpected gift . For the last couple of years I have run a Secret Santa for my hubby and his blogging buddies (they paint and play with little figures). This year , his Santa also sent me a gift for organising things , how sweet is that. And , they were made by Mrs Claus , very impressed. Hubbys' other Santa (two different rounds) also sent me a big tub of Fruit Pastilles ,lol .
  A little bit of stash . Still waiting to hear about the rest of the threads I ordered. Must chase them up.
 I was thrilled to find this at the weekend . Had to take the kids out to spend their Christmas money and came across this mag . I looked all over for it a couple of months ago and couldn't find it , so it came home with me .
 As always, thanks for dropping by .