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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Outings (2)

So last Sunday we thought we would go to Bosworth and have a look round. It is about ten years since me and the Hubby went , and we thought the kids might be interested , especially the Boy .
 hubby checked online for opening times etc and we found that it was the anniversary celebration weekend. The actual anniversary of the battle was on Friday 22nd .
  They had a Living History camp and re-enactment with Battle set up . It cost around £50 for the four of us , but was a full day and we all enjoyed it .
 They put me in the stocks as soon as we got there , cheeky lot ,lol.
 My Daughter loves the horses .
 Sadly we missed the Falconry display , but I still got to take a few pics of the gorgeous birds of prey.

 The horses all dressed up for the jousting display.

 The Battle

 Two Kings
 A great day out , and fortunately the rain held off until the end  .

Thanks for looking ,

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Outings (1)

Hubby had last week off work, we hadn't got any holiday plans as such so decided to have some fun days out instead , but , I still haven't posted about an outing from a few weeks ago , so will do that first and then come back to last weeks later . There will be some cute pics though .

 Recently hubby discovered that there was a local military history museum not that far away from us , it's amazing how things can be on your doorstep and yet you still don't know about them .

So , off we went to Thoresby with the intent of looking around The Queens Royal Lancers and Nottinghamshire Yeomanry Museum . We also took along a picnic for afterwards , thinking we could spend some time in the ground of the Hall later .
  Sadly ,we timed it to go when they had an event on , so would have had to spend £4 each to have our picnic in the grounds. Bit of a pain as entrance to the museum is free , so we sat outside the courtyard for lunch instead. We may go back at another point for a walk round the grounds.

 I'm not particularly interested in the military history side , but Hubby and the Boy are , and it made a nice trip out . I did however take quite a few pics of the colours and uniforms , well, fabric and thread have to come into it somewhere , right ?

Sorry for the glare , spotlights and glass don't really mix well .
  The details on these pieces were amazing , just wish I could have gotten closer to some of them , but they were quite high up on the wall .

 Not done much stitching over the summer holidays , in fact I haven't even picked it up over the last couple of weeks . The holidays have flown by though , I can't believe the kids go back to school in a week and a half . I will be back soon with more photos of our outings.
 Thanks for dropping by ,

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Christmas in August .

I organised a Christmas in July exchange, but due to a few interruptions, Gaynor and I ended up exchanging in August . (Chemo brain on one side and PO closure for refurb. on the other ,lol ) .  Coincidentally we ended up posting and receiving on the exact same days , so it all worked well in the end .
 This is what I sent to Gaynor .
 Note book , to - do list and ribbons.
 LHN Sheep Virtues "Hope" , stitched using mostly recommended threads , apart from BS5200 instead of Ecru for the snow and snow flake and Wispa thread for the sheepie.
 The backing fabby.

Gaynor excelled once again , with a fantastic design and amazing finish .
  Love this design and what a great idea to fix it to a stash box.
 Wrapped goodies .
 Lots of treats
 Stash !

Thanks again Gaynor , for a great exchange. I love it all . The choccy is going down well with everyone ,lol .

Well , that's all for now , got to get ready for the girlys' swimming lesson, but have lots more bits to catch up on ,so should be back soon.
 Take care ,
 Cath x

Friday, 18 July 2014

HAED Sale !

Heaven and Earth have a 50% off sale at the moment.

I decided to take advantage and treat myself. Haven't bought any charts from them for over a year as the styles they were producing weren't to my taste , but a few of the newer lovelies have caught my eye .

 These pretties have come to be stored and eventually stitched ,lol .

The bottom one has been on my wish list for longer than the others ,and there are plenty left on it , I aim to live for a very long time ,lol.
 Cath x

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Lots to catch up on.

Wow , time is certainly flying by this year .

Firstly ,welcome to my new followers , it is great to see you here  ,especially when I am posting a bit sporadically at best ,lol.

Lots going off at the moment , end of school year always leaves me with very little time to myself . Two separate sports days , celebration assemblies (two again) , trips , school fairs and other things all conspire to take my time away . Not that I am complaining too much , it is a joy to be able to share these things with my kids , especially the assemblies as pretty much every year , one or both of them receive at least one award. I am very proud of their efforts at school .

Anyway , on to other things. you may know that I organised a birthday thread exchange to start this year . It started out great, and on the whole has run pretty well with a few hiccups .
 Mary Jane has no blog , so I said I'd post her pics on here .

Thanks for the photos Mary Jane .x

  Lonneke unfortunately had a couple of her beautiful cards go missing in the post , so she was a superstar and sent out replacements. A big Thanks Lonneke . The only fly in the ointment has been that Bernadett has not been sending . Sharon and Mary Jane have only just received from her ,and their birthdays are March and April and everyone else who has had birthdays since then have not received . I have tried many times to get in touch with Bernadett to no avail . To say I am disappointed is a huge understatement , but I will leave it at that .

 On to stitching , I have been still stitching squares for Love Quilts UK . I have enjoyed every single stitch . I am working on one at the moment and have three more sign ups to do . After that , I think I will be taking a bit of a break as I am getting a strong urge to do my own stuff .

  Love this Lion , I nicknamed him Jon Bon because of his lovely mane.
 SuperMan for a super young man .

 At the moment I am working on a Formula 1 car , which is a huge stitch . 120 x 100 and it is all stitched . I really want to get it done asap but with all the school events , it  is probably going to take a while . I will show a pic next time , which will hopefully not be as long ,lol.

  I have other bits and bobs to catch up on , so will be back soon.
Thanks for dropping by ,
 Cath x

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Hello again .

Wow, I can't believe it's nearly the middle of June already. soon be time for the summer holidays and bored children ,lol.

 So ,what have I been up to ?

 Well, just coming to the end of a ten day course of penicillin for tonsillitis. No sore throat, croaky voice or cough , just swollen manky tonsils and swollen glands. To be honest , apart from the swelling going down a bit , not much has changed. The boy had it too and we went to the docs together , not that we got to see a doctor , you get to see a nurse if you're lucky. Anyway , he is also nearly at the end of his meds and thankfully is much improved. Two days off school is more than enough for me ,lol.  Got the girl at home today with tummy ache, though I think the main problem is tiredness as she seems unable to get to sleep before 10pm at the moment.

 Anyways , on to stitching stuff .
 Lots of new LQ squares have been produced, I am loving doing them at the moment.

 Mr P. for a named quilt .
 Lots of Witzys . (any child)

 Cute li'l owl

 At the moment I am working on a lion for a named quilt and have three others signed up for so planning lots of stitchy time before the summer holidays which will curtail it somewhat while I spend time doing things with the kids. Both of which have taken a fresh interest in stitching , which is lovely. My daughter can read a chart so can be left to get on with it for a bit, but the boy need lots of help , so my time is limited. Hopefully we will have some nice days out to look forward to ,too.
 Hope everyone is well .

Thanks for dropping by ,

Monday, 2 June 2014

If you need a smile.

 I went to the cash machine yesterday , and was most pleasantly surprised when this popped out.

 Kind of made my day .x