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Sunday, 12 October 2014


Breaking news ...

 We popped into Bakewell today ,as you do , just to have a mosey round and the plan was to call into a friends' shop and then I could mooch around Wye Needlecraft .
 It was a bust on both counts. The friend wasn't at her shop and Wye Needlecraft has gone .

 So ,as soon as I got back I googled their website , which is still up and running  and they have moved to Mansfield.
 Now this is good for me ,as I can get into Mansfield on the bus a lot easier than Bakewell .
So , I feel a journey is in the air for some time next week , all in the interests of my followers and readers of course. I will give you a review as and when .

 Thanks for dropping by .

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Stitching and stuff

Wow , lots to catch up on as usual .
 I am quite behind on showing my stitching finishes with posting about outings and other things.

Still doing lots for Love Quilts UK .

For Daniel .

For Courtney .

Any child .

For Meghan. This one was only finished last night and so needs a quick wash .

It took quite a few hours , but was well worth it . I love this design . Credit must go to the designers . The chart was produced by Rainbows Invites and can be found on e-bay .

I have also received a couple more cards for the birthday thread exchange. Thanks to Nicole and Vicky  .

The card from Lonneke will be on its' way soon, but she has been ill and had a lot to cope with . Hope you get well soon Lonneke . Nothing yet from Bernadett and no message either . She has really let everyone down with this exchange ..                                                                                                
Thanks for dropping by .

Take care ,
 Cath x

Friday, 10 October 2014


 In remembrance of Cathey  , who passed a year ago .

Still missed.

Monday, 29 September 2014

It's my Birthday .

 Well ,strictly speaking it isn't my birthday , my birthday was on Friday  , but I have been too busy to post .
 I organised a thread exchange this year and so would like to show my lovely cards and threads that have arrived.
 From Sharon
 From Valerie
 From Gaynor
 From Donna
 From Mary Jane.

Thank you so much ladies , they are lovely and hopefully there are more to come .

  I also had a little stash enhancement from hubby. Love this design so much , I have been wanting it for over a year.

How can anyone not love that cute little face ?  I have two squares to finish for LQUK before the end of October , then I am planning some serious personal stitching time . Can't wait !

Thanks for dropping by ,

Saturday, 27 September 2014

In Loving Memory.

Today is Pumpkin Day .

 In loving memory of a wonderful lady who is still very much missed.  Thoughts are with her hubby and Junior .

 This one is for you Cathey .xxx

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Stitchers' Secret Santa

Hi everyone ,
 I have been running a Secret Santa for my hubby via his blog for a couple of years and thought I would give it a go on here .
 So , is anyone up for it ?

 The idea would be for you to send to your recipient one stitched gift and a few other stitching related or otherwise items.

 Details are yet to be finalised depending on how many peeps want to join in and what they want to do . We could either have a set number of items or a recommended spend .

 I am going to say that this is restricted to well known bloggers or people I know as I don't want any problems . Any doubt , give me a shout and I will confirm if you are eligible or not .

  This will be left open for join up until the 28th September , so spread the word to your bloggy friends if you want you.

  You can leave a comment here , but if you want to join , please e-mail me as well . Any no-reply bloggers , please include your e-mail address .

 If you blog , I would request that you put up a wish list on your blog for your Santa to have some ideas. Non-bloggers will be asked for a list to be e-mailed.

I would like at least five or six people to join to make it worth while running , otherwise I may just end up doing a small exchange group .

 Thanks for reading ,

Monday, 1 September 2014

Outings (4)

Our last day out was to Twycross Zoo. We last went around four years ago , and I have to say that this years visit was much better.
 We missed the giraffes , but the new animals made up for it. they are modernising and improving the zoo , and there was more to see and it was easier and better set out . For me , the rides being gone was a bonus as the kids last time wanted to spend more time there than looking at the animals , not so this year. They did spend a bit of time at the playground , but it gave us a rest .
 We got there before opening time and had pre-booked the tickets so went more or less straight in.
Let the pictures do the talking - well , mostly ,lol.

  Meerkats + baby meerkats = super cute .

 The zebras are housed where the giraffes used to be .

 Love the flamingos and their reflections.

 Prairie dogs , almost as cute as meerkats .
 What you lookin' at ?

  Lorikeet Landing is a new attraction. So new that they were still treating the wood of the building etc.
  You get to walk around the aviary with the birds flying free and at set times of the day you can buy little pots of "nectar" to feed the birds with . It has to be the highlight of the day . Me and the kids all had a great time and went round twice with the food pots .

 At one point , I had two perched on my head.


   Those funny leaf things are actually butterflies. The butterfly house was a little disappointing to me, I had hoped for lots more butterflies and lots more colour .
  The finch house was brilliant though , and those little guys got pretty close if you could stay still for a while.

  And , back to the meerkats. We stopped back to check out the faves on our way out , and got there in time for feeding . Good to watch , if a little gruesome with bits of chick everywhere .

We then spent ages in the gift shop while the kids decided what to buy , nothing new there , they always seem to take forever when making  a decision.
  A fantastic day out which we all enjoyed , hope to go back in a few more years and see what else they have added .

 After that , we enjoyed a couple of days at the coast , but no real pictures as that was my time to relax. No cooking , no picnics to prepare and no pots to do . Heaven !

Thanks for dropping by ,

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Outings (3)

Last Monday saw us returning to The Chestnut Centre . You can read about out previous visit here .

We arrived just at opening time , which turned to to not be such a good things as a lot of the otters were still inside their houses . We eventually got to see a few and then headed back to the open meadow for the "meet the deer" experience as last year we loved them . It was great to see Spirit and Apricot again and to catch up with little Peach who was being bottle fed last year after being found as a fawn with an injury to her side .

 Spirit , Apricot and Peach have all been hand reared , so are very used to people and love to be fed redskin peanuts . The other deer are kept as wild as possible .
 So beautiful

 Some pics of the otters

 This guy was making meatballs from his mince before eating it , so funny to watch .
 One of the polecats .
And the Owls

  My absolute favourite .

  Twiglet was being held in front of these guys
  They were not impressed . the chick (above) was squawking the whole time we were there.
There was no sign of the fox and the Scottish Wildcats were not still long enough for me to get any decent photos . A bit of a disappointing day really , lots of time not actually seeing anything, getting wet through in a down pour whilst waiting for the deer feeding and not many good photos. We will , I'm sure go back again but maybe leave it for a couple of years .

 Stay tuned , more pics coming soon.

Thanks for dropping by ,