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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Happy New Year !

Better late than never , lol .

Apologies for not posting a Christmas greeting , I was ill for most of December so Christmas happened in a bit of a rush here , I was still ordering gifts the week before Christmas , the tree went up a couple of days before , but we got there in the end.

 So , last year was a bit of a mess really , lots of life getting in the way moments . I have not really stitched since September . I am really missing it , and hope to do some soon , but now have another reason for being distracted.
  My orts for last year are rather disappointing ,

My daughter took some out and screwed them up into a little ball , I was most unimpressed !

  Stitching wise , a let down , I had 15 finishes and most of them for Love Quilts .

  This year , I just want to stitch . I would love to finish at least one of my HAEDs and start a few more ,lol and there are lots of other projects I want to do , but I'll have to see how it goes.

 Reading was more successful , I read 102 books last year , but have a feeling the number will be reduced this year .

  The main reason for lots of the changes is this

This cute , crazy little creature came to live with us in November. His name is Flash and he's an English Springer Spaniel. I love him to bits , but wow , it's like having a baby again , including getting up in the night to do potty duty. We can start taking him out for walks on Thursday and I can't wait. He's getting bored and frustrated and so are we ,lol.

 Sad news is that we lost one of my sons' lovely gerbils yesterday . They are all getting old now , but still very sad . Popcorn will be very much missed by us all .
Hopefully this year will be a better year all round , but particularly for stitching .
Best wishes to everyone .
 Thanks for dropping by ,


Marilyn said...

Happy New year!!
I hope 2019 is better for you, in life, and in stitching.
Sorry about Popcorn, Flash looks like a lot of fun!

Barb said...

I hope 2019 turns out to be a better year for you. it is too bad you were sick most of the holidays but illness hits when it chooses. We are keeping our fingers crossed, the flu is getting quite bad. We had our shots but last year that really didn't do as much good as one might hope. let's hope you have a year filled with fun stitching. That dog is so cute!!

Stitching Angel said...

Ah so cute your new doggie, mine is now 4 and she's like a little kid. Lol Happy new year, hope you get lots of stitchin in.

Julie said...

Good wishes for a fabulous 2019.
Flash is gorgeous, he'll keep you busy!
It's always sad when we loose a much loved pet, the circle of life is a lesson learned by us all isn't it.

ricketyjo said...

Happy New Year Cath. Flash is super cute! I feel for you though... must be really difficult when you just want to stitch so badly! I hope you manage to get plenty of it in this year.