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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

On with the stitching.

So , my next stitching project to show you is another one that got started and shoved away for a few years to then come out and be finished fairly quickly. I can see a pattern here ,that hopefully is coming to and end . I am really trying to get things finished this year . I've already completed a few small things and am working on my BIG UFO for the SAL blog , so getting there. This one is kind of in honour of my Grandad who was a miner until he retired through ill health. He always used to do the morning shift ,come home and have dinner then go to bed for a couple of hours. Right up until he died his days would follow the same pattern , up early and bed for a couple of hours after dinner. We spent a lot of time with my Grandparents when we were kids ,so were very close .He had a wicked sense of humour and even now, he makes us laugh. My Grandad has been gone for nearly 14 years , but is still missed and very much loved.

I love the Silhouettes range , and this one called out to me . I'd like to do another one day , maybe first post or something like that . This one was done on aida , but I'd use evenweave next time as the charts have the heritage squashed stitches which made it a bit difficult.

The picture looks better in real life , again I've taken the photo at an angle to try and avoid flash glare. A few people have actually thought it was a sepia photograph , which I took as a compliment. I think this stitched piece has had the most comments out of all the pieces on our walls ,which is a bit surprising when you see some of the other pieces.

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