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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Scary monster and progress report

Look what we found wandering across the pavement on the way home from school :

This is a larva of an Elephant Hawkmoth , isn't it amazing ? This one is about 3 inches long and the fatness of my ring finger , so quite small actually . It cannot be called a caterpillar as it's moth offspring rather than butterfly

My husband discovered one in our garden a couple of weeks ago that was at least twice the size . It scared the bejeebers out of him as it was scared and had drawn it's head up like this

Because it was so big , he thought he'd stumbled across a snake as he met it face on lol. The one we found in the garden had disappeared by the time I thought to take a picture of it , so I was quite pleased to spot this one . Not that you could really miss it. The kids are fascinated by bugs and things , so we brought it home to look at it for a while . It is now outside in the rough location the other one was ,so should be ok.

Anyway , I've had some more stitching time on "Christmas Recipe" as I've decided to call it . did some last night and today .This is where I'm at now

I think it will take longer than 45 hours to be honest , but I am enjoying at the moment . I've decided to do the back stitch as I go along , the thought of doing it all in one go makes me go cold. I'm also going to stretch it a bit and put some boxes in for our names to make it a bit more personal.

That's all for now.


Tracey said...

Thats a whopper of a bug Cath, dont think i have come across one of these before, great find,
Love the xmas stitching me not yet done anything towards xmas yet so behind now with all my stitching
Take care

Shellie said...

Xmas stitching is great hun well done xxx

Cath said...

Thanx guys , not got any done last couple of days tho :( and now got to do some of my SAL .