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Saturday, 10 October 2009


I had a quick trip out yesterday . My husband had to work in Bakewell , so we went along for the ride so I could visit Wye Needlecraft. I'm sad to say I was quite disappointed. The shop lacked any wow factor ,and there was nothing to inspire me . I went with the intention of buying some special threads , but they only had four out of the eight I wanted , so I ended up ordering the others from Sew and So last night. I love my LNS , but they tend to just stick to the basic stuff (so do I for that matter) so I thought it would be nice to look somewhere else for a change , but nothing doing. I will show my new stash when the rest of it is delivered. Thanks everyone for your comments ,they are very much appreciated. Cath


Lindsay-ann said...

Sorry you didn't manage to get what you were looking for in the shop in Bakewell. I have been to Bakewell years ago but I don't remember a needlecraft shop. Thanks for your comment on my daughter's post. She was thrilled with every comment she receieved. We have not been to Wookey Hole but we do love Dorset so maybe next time we will go there.
I adore your Stitchin Chicken new header. It looks just perfect for your blog.
Hope you are having a nice Saturday.

Cath said...

Thanks Lindsay , just got mail to say my order with Sew and So has been shipped ,so shouldn't have to wait long.
We loved Wookey Hole when we went , but my daughter was still very young , so I think it would be even better with older kids.
Hopefully going out in a while for a wlak while it's nice X