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Thursday, 31 December 2009


Well , it's that time again , for silly people to get off their trolleys and then go letting off fireworks all night. Can you tell , we don't "do" New Year lol.
Seriously ,we will go to bed at a normal time and then get woken up by all the fireworks , that in the last few years have gone on until after 3am. I'm not against people having fun , celebrating etc , but I do mind my sleep being disturbed for that length of time.
That said , I would like to wish everyone a very Happy , Healthy and (if poss) Wealthy New Year. And , if you happen to know those six numbers for Saturday , please be kind and share . ROFL.
My stitching this week has been on these two little bugs

These have been claimed by my kids who want them framed for their bedrooms , but I think I have a couple of frames around that will do the job. The last three days I've been doing some squares for Stitch for Charity , I'll show those when they're all finished.

I've been trying to keep track this year of all my craft finishes, and I'm very happy with what I've done.

61 Stitched finishes for SFC ~16 10x10" squares ,39 6x6" squares and 6 bib bands, not too bad a showing.

54 finishes for my own use , including things for the kids , gifts , cards etc. 1 large finish (Spirit of the Eagle) , 7 medium and 46 small. Again , not too shabby .

I've also made over 100 cards , Birthday,Anniversary and Christmas , and sadly , 2 Sympathy.

While I also don't "do " resolutions ,there are a few things on the craft front that I'd like to aim for in 2010. First , I'd like at least three big stitched finishes , which is attainable as long as I don't get too sidetracked. Second , I would like to make my cards in plenty of time and enjoy the process instead of getting stressed out and in a rush at the last minute. Third, I want to do more for others next year , not just for charity , I want to make things for other stitchers , people who will appreciate the time and effort put into them. Hopefully ,this will be easier now I'm in the land of blogging.

So , Happy New Year ,and Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this blog , and comment on it. It is very much appreciated.



Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Cath
Love the two little bugs you stitched. They are adorable. I enjoyed looking at your snowy pictures too. We don't do much for New Years Eve either but we did stay up until midnight. There we hardly any fireworks around here this year. I think people are short of money and have spent what they do have on other things. I have been stitching birdhouses over Christmas!

stitcheranon said...

Happy New Year!!!
Fireworks are illegal over here in Ireland, and I am really pleased they are. It seemed non stop in the Uk: from Halloween onwards. I do not miss them at all.
Consider the wolves and Bears book reserved. I will add to the wishlist in a bit and who knows. I am not in a desperate rush to get rid of these things so dont worry too much.
Happy New Year!!!!

Mylene said...

Happy New Year and Best wishes in 2010!!

WOW! Your list of finishes last year are lots especially the cards. I did stitch quite some for cards years ago but last year i decided to turn them into ornaments instead so those who had recieved them can take them out every year for decoarting the x'mas tree(that is, if they want too...)
Cute cute finishes you've made recently. I've just started a new small snowman piece this evening, haven't had touch the needle for a few days so i thought to spend stitching instead of doing the ironing!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Michelle said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Those two bugs are very cute :)