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Thursday, 11 February 2010


I've done it ! I've finally found a stitchy bargain in a charity shop.
Yes , my life is that sad that I can get excited about something like this lol. I decided to go on a little trip yesterday once the elves were at school and nursery , in desperate need of a break , and found this Winnie chart book in the local Oxfam for 79p . A real bargain. They also had a kit, but it wasn't my kind of thing , and a couple of books , but nothing else appealed.
Then , I found this lovely chart in the bargain box at the haberdashery shop I check out every so often .

Only £1.50 , and I can't wait to stitch it , but need to get a speciality thread first.

They also gave me this

but I won't use it , so if anyone would like it , please shout and let me know.

Here's a pic of my latest finish,

from this issue of Cross Stitcher , I've just added the flower sequin to give it a bit extra , and changed the face a bit. My stitchy bug is not really playing fair at the moment. I want to do stuff ,but can't be bothered lol.

On Saturday , my Daughter suddenly asked me when "Thank you Day" was , after I explained that we don't have one , she decided that we would have one then , and said "Thank you Mummy and Daddy , for looking after me".So we made a cake for Thank you Day

I made these with my Son , as I can't cope with them both in the kitchen at the same time .


Edited to add: Another great giveaway http://www.dixiesamplardesigns.com/2010/02/giveaway.html

Go and have a look.X

Thanks for dropping by ,



Michelle said...

I'm glad you found some really nice stitchy bargains - I hope you enjoy stitching them!

The edible goodies look so yum :)

Shellie said...

Well done you on your bargains bet ur well chuffed.
Great idea for thank you day how thoughtful is your dd thats so sweet.
Cakes look fab send me a slice lol
Hugs and Love Shellie

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Cath
Thanks for sharing your great finds. I enjoy a bargain too. I love the little japanese girl you stitched. I had noticed that on the Cross Stitcher magazine and had alomst bought it myself. The cake and krispie buns look delicious. Your daugher had a great idea for thank you day. My daughter used to love parties so much she would invent them. She would suddenly decide it was bear's birthday or it was her half birthday or something just so we could play games and have fun.

Lonneke said...

That cake looks very yummy! What a sweet thought!
Bargains can really be the most fun!
And I like your changes to the little girl. She looks pretty!

Tracey said...

we love crispy cakes in this house but when made they gone within 24 hours, great bargains you found,

take care,

Carol said...

You found some wonderful bargains! I love it when I find a great deal, too! Have fun stitching them :)

Dawn said...

I hope you have fun stitching your bargains Cath! Its a buzz when that happens.

What a lovely idea having a 'Thank you Day'. Hope you all enjoyed the making of the goodies as much as the eating of them