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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Fond Farewell

Well , both of my kids will have new teachers when they go back to school and nursery after the Easter holidays . My Daughters' teacher has started her maternity leave , and she's having twins , so Good Luck to her lol. One of the other mums got everyone organised into bringing bits and bobs , wipes , cotton wool etc. and made up two very nice baskets for her. My Sons' nursery teacher (she also taught me Daughter through nursery) has gone to new pastures , and as she was very much loved by both of my kids , I wanted to make her something to remember them by. I love Lizzie Kate designs , so one of their teacher charts had to fit the bill. I was undecided between two , but my Husband said this was more appropriate As she has touched all of our lives over the last three years. ( I have changed a couple of the colours around from what is charted).

I wanted to make it into a hanging pillow , so she could display it if she wanted to.Close up of the front , and the hanging bits She seemed to like it , but I'm not sure she could see it properly through all the tears. I don't think she stopped crying all day , but she wasn't on her own. She will be very much missed by a lot of people.

Anyway , on a happier note, My name was picked out of the ice cream tub of destiny to be Gaynors' RAK giveaway winner. I'm really excited , as she does some lovely stuff , and it sounds very intriguing from the questions I've been asked , lol. Time will tell !

Catch you soon , I hope to have a couple more posts over the next few days.

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Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Cath
The hanging pillow is beautiful. I am sure she will treasure it forever. My husband is a teacher and I know he appreciates the little homemade gifts and cards he receives from time to time.
Congratulations on winning the giveaway.
Have a lovely Easter and don't eat too many eggs!

Shellie said...

Hi Cath
Im not surprised she was crying its gorgeous hun well done, the pillow you did for me helped me through a tough patch last week so thanx so much for that and well done for winning Gaynors RAK
Happy Stitching
Hugs Shellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ranae said...

Cute pillow. I am sure she will love it.
Congrats! on winning the RAK

Elaine said...

Your LK pillow is just gorgeous Cath I'm sure the kids teacher will treasure it.
Congrats on winning the RAK.

Carol said...

How sweet of you to stitch that little pillow for the teacher. You did a great job :)

Tricia said...

Your pillow is just beautiful! And congrats on your win!

Theresa said...

What a wonderful gift for the teacher!!!!! Your finish is simply adorable~

Jane said...

Hi Cath
Gorgeous little pillow and so thoughtful of you, I'm sure she was very touched and will have happy memories when she looks at it. Thank you so so much for the Sunshine Award, as you know I am a fairly new Blogger, so this was really special to me and I now proudly display it on my Blog.
Happy Easter to you!

Mylene said...

Your LK pillow turned out great, Cath.
I am sure she love it.

Happy Easter Weekend to all!

Dawn said...

Hi Cath,
I am a bit late picking up the threads in your blog lol, but better late than never !

The pillow you made is beautiful,no wonder the teacher was crying. A lovely thought.
She will have her work cut out with twins lol, as I know from experience. But they will be great fun.

Congratulations on your recent awards!

Karan said...

A lovely pillow & sentiment. Am sure it will be much cherished. :0)