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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Winners and an award.

Hi everyone. Well , no-one has taken me up on the Pay it Forward , so I will instead make up three items and offer them as giveaways over the next year.
On to the competition . I asked if anyone could guess which of the fifteen wacky animals I had designed to complete a set for a quilt , and the design was :

The butterfly . So , well done to Lonneke , Josie , Julie (Sew Wilde) and Blu . If you could contact me with your details please ladies , so I can send your little prize to you . Thanks , and thank you to all that entered.

The charts are freebies , and are designed by Barbara Ana. They are available to down load from http://www.cyberstitchers.com/ if you fancy stitching them yourself . And , if anyone wants the butterfly chart , just let me know.

And , I have been given a second award.

A big Thank you to Michelle http://heartinstitches.blogspot.com , I love it . Thank you.

The rules : 1) Put the logo on to your blog or within your post.

2) Pass on the award to 12 bloggers

3) List the nominees in your post

4) Let them know they've received this award by commenting on their blog.

5) Share the love and link to the person from whom you received the award.

I'm trying to be fair , so I'm going to nominate different blogs to last time. which makes it nice for me as there are so many blogs I love to read, I get to let more join in.

Angela http://busydoingnothing24.blogspot.com

Patti http://anydayspentstitchingisagoodday.blogspot.com

Jane http://buttonsstitches.blogspot.com

Terri http://chocolates4breakfast.blogspot.com

Theresa http://giraffexing.blogspot.com

Carolyn http://carolyn-justonemorestitch.blogspot.com

Elaine http://themainhoose.blogspot.com

Mishi http://mishis-bits-and-bobs.blogspot.com

Robin http://robinpich.blogspot.com

Gaynor http://stitchersanon.blogspot.com

Blu http://therapy-by-thread.blogspot.com

Carol http://stitchingdream.blogspot.com

Whew , that took some time .If anyone can tell me how to put links on without all this blurb, I'd be very grateful. I saw it on someones' blog once , but can't remember where lol.

I'll be back later in the week with something for show and tell.

Thanks for dropping by , Cath


Blu said...

Thanks for the award Jen!

As for putting in links. Just select the word you want and click the button that looks like a green globe with an infinity symbol. It's after the T and before the right justification. It should bring up a box with a space to enter the URL. Make sure you delete the http part that's already there when you paste in your link or it'll be wonky.
Hope that helps!

Dani - tkdchick said...

What an adorable butterfly!

Anonymous said...

thank you Cath, for the award. I appreciate it so much. I've got another one I need to add to my blog but I was waiting on my giveaway to be done. I'll get the awards up tomorrow and thank you again!!!

Ranae said...

Cute butterfly
Congrats! on the award

stitcheranon said...

Thank you so much. I will put it up in a few days lol.
you need to update your blogger settings as the old ones will not allow to you put links.
Go to Settings on your blog. The first page that comes up is Settings-basic. Scroll down to Global settings and click on Updated editor. this will change your posting menu so you can add links etc.
Thank you again!

Carol said...

What a thoughtful gesture, Cath! I do appreciate it :) Thank you so much! I need to get busy on my awards and get them on my blog, soon. I've been on vacation and am way behind in everything blog-related...

Have a wonderful week!

Lonneke said...

Thank you, Cath!
Such a nice surprise to have won something!
And congratulations on the awards.

Mishi said...

Sorry I'm a bit late, but thank you very much for the award, Cath! Been a bit behind with my blog lately.. :)

Congratulations on your awards!