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Monday, 12 April 2010

Giveaways , RAKs and prizes

No new stitchy updates at the moment , I've been busy reading and refereeing . Thankfully , calm will resume now the kids are back at school and nursery ,lol . So , Edgar is having a giveaway to celebrate three years of blogging and 700 posts. Angela is having a giveaway for her 2nd Blogging anniversary , and Patty is having a giveaway for her birthday celebration . so , if you like prizes , go and have a look. I've seen this on a few blogs ,and think it's a fab idea , so I'm going to copy it lol. You know how it is , you want to stitch something and it would be a perfect gift for someone, you'd like to surprise them , but you don't have their address , so you have to ask and spoil the surprise. Well ,a few bloggers are sending a message out , that if you want to be in with a chance of receiving a gift from them, let them have your details , and then you may get a surprise one day. So , if anyone would be interested in getting a RAK from me , maybe , one day , please let me have your details (inc Blog so I can check out your likes and dislikes). On to the prizes ,the winners of my competition , please don't think I've forgotten you , I haven't , but the last couple of weeks have been rather mad with the school holidays. Thanks. Cath


Anonymous said...

OOO... I love giveaways, thanks for the links Cath. I too know what it's like to have little ones and how busy it can be.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Cath
The kids around here are still off until Monday! Hope you enjoy some stitchy time to yourself this week.
The RAK are a great idea. I love surprising people.