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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I'm back .

Hi everyone . first of all , thank you all for the lovely comments . It makes me smile every time I receive one. Sorry I haven't been around for a while . I have not been feeling at all creative . My stitchy bug took a long and unwanted vacation without me , so I was not impressed. I have just been doing lots of reading . Thank heavens for the local library , as I have been getting through books at an alarming rate this past few weeks . I've read 52 so far this year , most of them my own . I'm also helping to keep the local charity shops in business lol. I have made a few more cards , though didn't photograph all of them due to having to get them to the birthday people , but here are a couple .

These are for my Husbands' Grandma and my cousins' daughter .

And , finally , I have started doing some stitching . I needed to get another scroll frame for the project I want to do , so this is what I started to keep me going while I was in the mood lol.

It will eventually look something like this :

This charts is from an old , old magazine called Classic Stitches , and is actually a chart for tapestry , and is charted in Anchor tapestry wool . I contacted Anchor to see if they had a conversion to stranded cotton , but they don't . So one day last year I was running around Hobbycraft with a basket full of Anchor tapestry wool and a notepad and pen , trying to match the colours to DMC stranded cotton ,as I prefer to use DMC .

I matched them the best I could , so the picture will look a little bit different , but hopefully will turn out ok .

This is hopefully going to be a present for my Sister-in-law as many years ago there was a sculpture in Past Times called Moon Gazing Hare that she really liked , so I hope she will like this picture.

I got my other scroll frame yesterday , so will soon have another start to show . I've been getting some stick for starting and not finishing , but I don't have loads of projects on the go . My Christmas one and the Owls and a couple of small squares is all . I don't think that's too bad .

Anyway , I'm all excited as I've won a prize in Michelles' blogoversary giveaway , so looking forward to that . And , next month I will have been blogging for a year , so watch this space for my own giveaway .

Wimblebees are closing down and are selling everything off at 50% discount ,so go and have a look before end of August . Guess a little stash enhancement has helped my stitchy bug to come home lol.

Thanks for dropping by ,



Lumiruusu said...

Hello Cath! :)

Beautiful cards again,I just love these!
The Bunny and Moon-design is so sweet,makes me to think about a fairytales or some
folk-story about a Hare ,a Fox and a Bear ( we have many with those three animals here in Finland..)

There will be some designs of country-style chickens for us "chicken-fans" in the NEXT issue
of Cross Stitcher UK.
I bought the latest issue yesterday and noticed that..

Ginnie said...

I like your new start - glad you sorted the threads I wouldn't have had the patience!

Shellie said...

Greaqt cards and I love the hare Im sure it will look great.#
I didnt know wimblebees was closing Im off to hae a looks.
TC and Happy Stitching Shellie

Lumiruusu said...

i left a comment but look like it disappeared..
a new trye :)

The cards yoy made are as sweet as allways,just love these!
The Bunny And The Moon-Design is like from a fairytale,the flowers and the moon,so beautiful..

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Cath
Glad to see a post from you. I have missed you. Love the cards you made and the stitching you started.
Congratulations on your win.

Mylene said...

That's a lovely card and you made a very good start on the new project.

Hope you are enjoying the summer!

♥ Nia said...

Lovely card! :)

No sign of my letter yet? =/