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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Stitching Showcase.

After my last post , there have been a couple of comments about my husband stitching , so I thought I'd show what he has done . When we first started seeing each other , my husband was a gamer . German board games , card games , role playing etc. He was determined to continue with it , and got me involved too . So to be fair , he said he'd try one of my hobbies. He started with this little "Bopping Dragon" and made it into a card for me . Then he wanted to try something a little different , and chose this wizard bookmark from one of my chart books . I didn't have all the correct threads ,and he was pretty impatient so it didn't turn out quite as it should have and has hardly seen the light of day since , but I've kept it anyway.
After that he needed a bigger challenge , and as he likes fantasy type things , chose this Unicorn. He was working regular night shifts at the time as a carer , and this helped him to stay awake .
The Indian is a kit I bought him for Christmas , and it set his love for using even weave instead of aida. He decided to leave a couple of the arrow heads off as it looked good like this.
Then there is the Skull. We put this on the wall in our living room , and not one person commented on it , but the kids think it's cool .
Of course we can't forget the other half of the Eagle pair, which is done on aida as I hadn't used even weave before when we started these.
At the moment , he has another Indian , Teresa Wentzlers' "The Castle" and a Dragon Eye on the go , though not much has been done on any of them for a while.
Hope you've enjoyed seeing these stitches.
Thanks for dropping by,


Lindsay said...

Your DH has done some fantastic projects, love the little dragon :)

Lula said...

Well Done to your DH on all the fab work. My lovely hubby is also a stitcher although not as prolific as your fella. Hey - if you are the stichin chicken, does that make him the stichin c*** (so sorry but I couldnt resist )

Please forgive me

Lucy x

Shellie said...

Stunning work! I have a TW kit somewhere if I can find it do u think he might like it its no use to me?

Marlene said...

Well done DH, my hubby would run screaming from the house if I got a kit for him, he has other skills and is great DIYer in the house.

Stitchaholic said...

Your hubby has done some fabulous work - well done him! So nice to hear of someone else with a stitching hubby - they're pretty rare, I hear. I got mine into stitching after we got married and he's done a fair bit. He like Egyptian designs and planes, boats, cars, etc. There really is a lot to choose from for male stitchers these days :) I look forward to seeing his future projects :)

Gayle xx

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Cathy
Your husband is a great stitcher. I loved seeing his amazing work. My favorite was the eagle.

Elaine said...

Wow Cath it must be great to share your stitching with Ian. What wonderful finishes he has.Hugs!

Jules said...

Those are incredible! Your DH has the knack for stitching for sure!! Thanks for sharing his work with us...

Blu said...

Your DH does great work!
It's always nice to hear about supportive significant others and even more fun to hear about ones that join in.

Dawn said...

Hi Cath,
These are great pictures ! Ian has made a brilliant job of them all. I think the two eagles facing each other must look amazing. Well done both of you!

I am still looking for a man who likes stitching lol.