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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Charity stitches and exchange goodies.

Here I am again . The kids have broken up for half term , so blogging while I have the chance , lol.
I've been doing some small squares for Stitch for Charity . Six small logo squares with 'Made With Love' , 'Li entsoe ka lerato' (made with love in the language used in Lesotho) and two with names on for the kids who have moved into Rachel's Place.
I've also made a start on some Digimon squares . I came across a wonderful blog by Dawn , who charts all of these characters and offers them up for everyone to use. I contacted her and asked if it would be ok to use them for the quilts , and she kindly agreed . So we now have around 200 new charts to use . This is great as we can get tired of doing the same stuff all the time .
If you want to see the charts, got to Anime Stitching and follow the links . If you don't want to see the charts , go and look anyway as Dawn does some great stitching as well.
I have also received my Autumn exchange from Lainey . As usual I am behind on getting organised and sending mine out , but here are some pics of what I received.
I must be getting better at this , I actually remembered to take some photos before ripping off the wrapping , lol.
Ribbon , thread and buttons and pins.
Stitchy fabric and backing fabric. Hoop , frame , card and notebook. And a gorgeous cushion , I love the bird , so cute.
Thanks again Lainey , it's lovely , and the kids loved the choc .
Hopefully I'll be back soon to show what I sent to Lainey , trying to get my bum in gear .
Thanks for dropping by ,


Lula said...

What a great exchange! And loving the digimon stitching - well done

Siobhan said...

What a wonderful exchange from Lainey! I love your charity stitching, too. Enjoy your kids' half term. We've got the same thing going on here. I'm hoping for plenty of stitching time w/o having to do the school runs--we'll see how that goes!

Dawn said...

Cool digimon stitchings!! :)You did a nice job! I hope to get more up in the next few weeks since I'm not able to stitch. Its slowly getting better and I hope to stitch something in a few weeks ---if I'm able too!!

carol fun said...

Lovely goodies - and thanks for sharing the links for the Anime. This will certainly please a special guy in my house. Happy stitching -

An itch to cross stitch.. said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Your blog is lovely, great stitching.

Lumiruusu said...

I allways feel so blessed when I see your charity stitchings.
There are so many children in this world needing some one, even a stanger ,to show them love.
It was very sweet from Dawn to allow you use her charts for these wonderful projects.
Me and my stitching buddyes here in Finland are taking part of
the project to collect warm mittens and socks for the
gypsy-children in eastern-europe
( Romania,Bulgaria,Albania).
The children live in therible
conditions and the cold wintern is coming.
It is a project of The Christian Patmos Charity.
You did really get a great gift on your exchange,lovely stash and the pillow is cute.

Blu said...

What a wonderful exchange!

Your stitching is very pretty. The hearts are lovely.

Bekca said...

Hi there, thanks for commenting on my blog. What a great exchange you recieved and I love your Digimon stitching too, so cute! I'll pop back soon to see what's stitching :)

Sally said...

Your charity stitching is lovely.

Love what you received from Elaine! That pillow is so cute!

Elaine said...

Love the digimon stitching Cath. Glad your package arrived safely. Once again I really enjoyed putting it all together and the pillow was such a fun stitch. Hugs!

Gill - That British Woman said...

what a lovely package to receive in the mail you lucky thing.....


Dawn said...

Love your Digimon stitching Cath!
That was a lovely exchange you got too, some nice items there for you.

Hope the holiday is going well..... peace for you next week lol.

Dawn H

♥ Nia said...

You have a great project on your hands, stitiching for charity is so rewarding! Congrats on your work :)

Wonderful gifts that you have there!! I was a lucky girl like you, I also received a RAK from Lainey :D

Enjoy the weekend :)