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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A Good Post Day.

I was recently one of the very lucky winners of Mylenes' blogoversary giveaway. Mylene offered five beautiful ornaments as prizes as it was her fifth anniversary , and I was one of the people who won.
Now , all five of these ornaments were totally gorgeous , but one in particular drew me in . It was total luck as to which one I got , and I got my favourite !
After a bad start to yesterday , I was so happy to get a nice surprise from the postman , especially when I saw what it was.

My first Christmas card of the year too.Now , isn't this just totally gorgeous ?And so beautifully finished .

Thank you again Mylene . I love it .

This is my 100th post . I had considered a giveaway , but as I've just had the stamp giveaway I think I'll wait a while. Lots more to show , but this deserves a post on its' own , so "I'll be back".

Thanks for dropping by ,



Shellie said...

Gorgeous ornie no wonder you are chufffed.
Hope all is well with you now
Love and Hugs
Shellie xxx

Beth said...

What a lovely gift!

Elaine said...

What a beautiful Ornie from Mylene!
Congrats on your 100th post Cath, looking forward to seeing your other finishes. Hugs.

Stressed Stitchy Mum said...

your prize looks amazing. i like the look of how its been finished so that it can stand up by itself, something that i wouldn't have thought about doing myself.

Lumiruusu said...

The "red on white" stitching is really beautifull I just love that style of ornaments..
And the finishing is so lovely ,
oh, how I wish could do it as fine as she did.

Mylene said...

I am so glad to hear it has arrived safely and that you like it. Thanks for the kind comment.

I hope your day is much better today.

♥ Nia said...

I got one too!! I received a beautiful needleroll made by Mylene! Beautiful :)

Have a lovely day :D

Sally said...

It is gorgeous. I won one too and received my favourite! Mylene's stitching and finishing is just beautiful.

Gill - That British Woman said...

thats just gorgeous, well done on winning it....

Gill in Canada