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Monday, 13 December 2010

Melting, gifts and more.

Woohoo , the snow and ice is pretty much gone. It started to melt a bit on Friday, and lots had gone by Saturday morning.It continued for the rest of the weekend and has been helped by a rain shower this afternoon , so I am a happy bunny . Sadly , it looks like it has shifted just to make room for another lot as it is forecast for Thursday . I'm just hoping "they've" got it wrong ,lol .
All the snow and ice caused us a few problems with our post . The latest things have been getting through fine , but the older stuff has been delayed somewhat . A few weeks ago I won the blogoversary giveaway over at Michelles' blog , and she even went out in the snow to post it, bless her . the package finally arrived this morning , so Thank you again Michelle , I love it . I'm really looking forward to stitching Cromwell the Snowman , and the threads are lovely .

I recently lent Sadie my copy of Bent Creeks Autumn Row . she had stitched Spooky Row and wanted to do a different one to go with it. Again , after a wait with the post . the chart arrived back , along with Spooky row for me to borrow and a gorgeous fob that Sadie had stitched for me as a thank you . I'm sure you'll agree that it is totally lovely , despite my crappy photos .Front :and back :Finally , here's my latest on Dandy Dreams. I hardly got any done last week , as trudging through the snow and ice three times a day on the school run just about did me in . It is so tiring, then had a few restless nights so I'm worn out . I will be back soon with more pics. Until then , Take care.

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Lesleyanne said...

Lovely gifts received through the post. Lovely progress on your wip.

Tricia said...

Oh what fun! Things to stitch and stitching presents!!! :-) Happy mail for sure!!

Stressed Stitchy Mum said...

i love the little fob it looks gorgeous. the snowman looks lovely too, will look forward to seeing that one come alive like frosty teehee

Marlene said...

Glad you are snow free for a while, it lasted only two days here down south, we had rain whilst you had more snow. We are also fore caste more this week, do you think we will have a white Christmas ?

Michele B. said...

You certainly have had some nice things drop through your letter box - isn't it fun to get such lovely mail? I am eyeing your Dandy Dreams with envy - I have this chart and have been waiting for months for my special ordered linen to come in - I may just have to give up and find something else to stitch it on. Meanwhile I'll enjoy watching yours progress.

Sally said...

Lovely gifts received Cath.

Your Dandy Dreams is looking gorgeous.

Hmmm yes I saw we are in for more snow. I don't mind it as ling as it doesn't thaw a bit then freeze as it's hell to walk on. We've still got areas where it's hanging about.

Elaine said...

Gorgeous gifts you received Cath, especially the Snowman from Michelle.
Your wip is looking lovely.
Keep warm, hugs!