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Monday, 14 March 2011

100+ followers GIVEAWAY!!!!

As promised , my giveaway to say Thank you for my 100 + followers . It's taken me a while to get organised ,but hopefully it will be worth it for a few lucky people .
First , the rules
You must be a follower to enter , but new followers are welcome to join in the fun .
You can enter one ,two , three , or all of the draws , whichever grabs you the most .
I will post anywhere , but it may take a short while , so please be patient .
If you post about this on your blog , please let me know and you can get an extra entry into one of the draws (you get to choose) .
Leave a comment , letting me know which you want to enter and if you get the bonus , before midnight UK time on 20th March , and I'll draw the winners on the 21st.
Draw A

Three pieces of 28ct even weave and an assortment of DMC threads , linen , pearlescent effects and one fluorescent effect.

Draw B

Medieval Cross Stitch Samplers and Celtic Cross Stitch Samplers , two books full of charts and historical facts about what you will be stitching . (Please note , these are from my stash but have never been used and are in very good condition).

Draw C

Dandy Dreams by Silver Creek Samplers . This chart is as new as I used a working copy , and I will include the needed DMC threads to stitch it .

Draw D

This is for my last PIF , so if you would like to win this little pin cushion made by me , join in . I will do a separate post about this later .

Please note ,all packages will have other small gifts as well ,I just don't have pictures at the moment .

Thanks for visiting ,



Crystal said...

WOW what a wonderful draw, I would love a chance to be entered for draw A. Thank you and good luck to all that enter.

Chris said...

Hi Cath,
What a generous giveaway! Congratulations on the 100 followers.
I would love the chance to win the Dandy Dreams sampler.


natalyK said...

I would love to be included in your giveaway and would feel fortunate to win any of those items.

Teresa said...

How fun, 100 followers.
I would love the even weave and threads.
I posted on
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Tricia said...

How funny! I've had you in my Google Reader, but I just realized that I wasn't following you "officially". So I am now. :-) I'd love to be entered in drawing #1 for the evenweave and floss!!

Congrats on your following!

Lisa V said...

Pls enter me for draw A & D, I am already a follower and I will mention your giveaway on the sidebar of my blog, extra entry of that to go towards draw A please.
thank you

Fiona said...

Hi Cath, wow 100 followers, you're so lucky!! I'd like to be entered for the silver creek chart and the PIF please, I've posted about it on my blog, crazystitching.blogspot.com and can my extra entry go into the silver creek draw please? thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful giveaway :) x

Bronzemom said...

I am a follower! I'd love to enter DRAWS B and C, please!

Thank you!
bronzemom AT gmail DOT com

Bronzemom said...

I have posted your giveaway on my blog's sidebar:

I'd like the extra entry for DRAW B, Please!

Thank you!
bronzemom AT gmail DOT com

~*Shar*~ said...

How fun hun....Please enter me in a drawing for A & C. I love that chart and have been eyeing it for awhile,and who doesn't need more material and threads?? :) LOL Love your blog; I've been a follower for a while now.

Hugs, Shar

nutmegg said...

Hi Cath, I would love to enter the giveaway can you put me in for draw A I have also posted a link from my blog....thank you...

Cindy's Stitching said...

please put me in for drawer one. The prizes are to cute. The pin cushion is really pretty.

Jules said...

Wow! Congrats on the 100+ followers!! I am not too far from that myself, and it has taken a long time to get that many for me, lol.

I would love an opportunity to when any of these great prizes. I especially like the Medeival/Celtic Charts and the Floss Draws, but any would be alright.

I will post a link to your giveaway on my blog's sidebar!

Thanks- and again, Congrats!


Virpi said...

I would like to participate into draw A please. I thought I was your follower but it seems I wasn't. Now I am =D

Neabear said...

I have been a follower for awhile. I would like to enter Draws A and C. If you able to mail to the US that is. If not then I understand. :) A fun giveaway!


Natalija said...

What a lovely giveaway :) I'd like to enter the "A" drawing please! And congratulations on reaching 100 followers!

P.S. I have become your follower & I have linked your giveaway on my sidebar.
My email:
natalija (dot) shkomare (at) gmail (dot) com

Good luck to everyone!

Marlene said...

What a great givaway, please enter me into your first and last drawers, I love to read your blog, I hope you pop into mine as well. http://poppypatchwork.blogspot.com/

Hazel said...

Great giveaway! I would love to enter A, C, D draws please. I am a follower. xx

♥ Nia said...

Congratulations! And lucky us, great giveaway :D
Please, count me in for A and D :)

♥ Nia said...

Posted on my blog sidebar for an extra entry to A :D

Sally said...

Congratulations on 100 followers Cath!

What a wonderful drawing. I would like to enter draw C please. I am a follower :) Thank you.

Teca said...

What a wonderful giveaway, I would love a chance to be entered for draw C. Thank you and good luck to all that enter.

Wendy said...

ooh fantastic! I'd like a chance at draw A please!

stitchinpeanut said...

What an Awesome giveaway... Thank you!. I am a follower and am trying to get you on my blog... my first time doing this.. I would LOVE to be a part of A and C. Thank you so much again!

Carol said...

Please count me in on the fun, Cath! I'd love to be included in the drawings for A, C, or D :)

Thanks for the chance!

Jane said...

BIG congrats Cath, 100+ followers is brilliant. I could give any of your giveaways a very good home but your pic of your recently finished Dandy Dreams makes that my favourite. I couldn't replace my bunny pincushion you made for me last year, it stays with me all the time, just toooo cute!!!
Have a good week xxx

Julie said...

Congrats on 100 followers

I'd love to be entered into c or D please

Good luck to all who enter!

Juc├│ said...

Hello Cath!!
This is a beautiful giveaway:)Please enter me in the draw, I am interested in the draw A and B:)

I posted a ling on my blog,I would like to have an extra chance to draw B:)


my email: csellista@gmail.com
I just made my first own blog and I am making my first own cross stiching project:)

demeter83 said...

Can I be entered into A please?
Thank you

Sarah said...

What a generous Give Away, congratulations too on over 100 followers. I am one of those and would love to be entered into Draw A and Draw B please. Thank you so much xxxx


Diana said...

Congratulations on 100 followers! I am now one, too and would like a chance at draw C or D. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I would love to be entered to win the sampler chart. I am a new follower. Thank you.

Peggy H.

Melanie said...

Oh my goodness! What a wonderful and generous giveaway! It's hard to pick but I like Draw C. It's a great piece. (Been a follower for a while.)

Barb said...

Hi Cath I am a follower and would love to have a chance at A or C , I have only 2 to go to my 100 too,exciting thinking of the line growing isnt it.
Take care

Alexandra said...

Congrats Cath for the 100 followers!! My name is Alexandra, I would like to participate in this giveway, prefer draw 1 and 3!!
my email: xanalucky27@gmail.com


Blu said...

What a fun giveaway! I'd be delighted to win any of them.

RitaGri said...

Congratulations! I would like a chance at draw a. Thanks!

lynda said...

I am a brand new follower of your blog and look forward to looking through your posts. I would love to be entered in your draw C for the chart...that is one I have on my wishlist! I will be posting about this on my blog as well. Thanks for the chance! and congratulations on 100 followers!

Raven/Missy said...

Wow what a generous and wonderful group of draws! I would love to be entered for any of them. I have been a follower for a while now and have posted on my blog. Thank you!

Lindsay said...

I've had you in my reader for a while but not made myself a follower but I have now :)
I'd like to be entered for draw C please

Christine said...

Hi Cath, congratulations on 100 followers (115 now including me).

I'd love the chance to enter your giveaway,and I'd prefer draw A. Thanks.

Lynn said...

Congratulations on 100+ followers!
I would love to be included in your giveaway. Please enter my name for Draw C and Draw D. Thanks for the opportunity!

Ellen said...

Congrats on your 100th follower! Just found your blog, would love to enter Draw C. Love this sampler, thank you for the chance.


Pointed Stitcher said...

Draw A looks awesome, would love a chance to win it.

CalamityJr said...

Congratulations on your 100th follower - and now you can add me, too! I have read your blog often, but for some reason never hit the follow button until today. Please include me in draws A (what lovely colors you've chosen!), C (I love this pattern and will have to buy it soon if I'm not chosen here, lol), and D (because I'd be honored to own a piece of your beautiful stitching). Thanks for the chances!

xsgail said...

I am a new follower and I would like a chance to win Draw D.