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Friday, 1 April 2011


When the pump for our central heating broke , I had to empty the shelf at the side of my seat and move everything out for when the engineer came. A lot of my stitchy stuff and other bits and bobs got stuffed into a plastic crate and has been there ever since . Well ,the other day I decided to have a look through and sort it out , and came across a box with some threads in. Aha , methinks , I've prepped for a project , but I could not for the life of me remember what that project was .
I looked in a couple of charts books that were also in the box , nope . Considered lots of possibilities but could not come up with anything. But , strangely ,the colours looked familiar .
Hmm , a few minutes later , enlightenment . They were not out for a future project , but had been left out from a couple of finished projects , namely Dandy Dreams and another little stitch.
Problem solved eh? Well , kind of .
You see ,a couple of weeks ago I was getting threads out for a project , and couldn't find a couple of the ones I wanted . "Must already be in one of my "in use" boxes I thought , but again couldn't find them anywhere.
So , I printed off a full list of DMC threads , and checked out any I couldn't find and came up with 11. Not too bad , but when you think I did this last year and stocked up so I had the complete catalog , a bit strange . Nonetheless , I ordered them , and received them and they have sat waiting to be wound onto bobbins since .
Then, the penny dropped , the missing threads were the ones that had been sitting in the box all along , so I now had duplicates . Well ,you can never have too many threads , can you ?
I am a tad annoyed though ,as I had also bought the threads for Dandy Dreams to go with the chart for my giveaway , and I had them sitting there all along ,lol .
Anyway , last night I did the winding and today put them away. While doing it, I decided to do a bit of reorganising in my thread boxes ,as some of them were crammed pretty tight into the slots , so I though I'd just show a few pics ,

These are all my regular DMC threads , all sorted into number order , apart from the ones that are in use at the moment . Plus , some of the special Winnie the Pooh threads from Designer Stitches.My Stitch for Charity box , which has the logo colours and a few others that I like to keep separately , and My box of Anchor , complete with DMC conversion on the lid , lol .The new colour variations , along with a couple of Anchor varis ,And a box of cheap , nondescript threads that I have had for ages. Some of them may be DMC , but I'm not sure

So , I now have an extra box with my threads in , as well as a few dotted around with current project threads in , but I had fun playing in my stash . ;-)

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Teresa said...

All the treads look so colorful together. I keep mine in boxes too and when I pulled them out for a project I like to just look at all the colors.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

CalamityJr said...

Wow - you are organized!

Christine said...

You've been busy! I wouldn't dare show anyone the tangled mess that is my thread stotrage drawer!

Barb said...

Want to come and sort mine Cath , I start off with good intentions (where does that road go that is paved with good intentions?) but then get bored with that game (just too many to wind) and then I end up ordering more!!! some of them I have lots of. Sigh.Just no hope.So now I am sitting here thinking should I go organise hmmmmm.

Jane said...

Ooooh! it's like candy in a sweet shop to me! I used to collect Anchor threads and have those ones on bobbins but then found I used DMC more and purchased the complete set about 4 years ago out in The States for a fraction of the cost they were here, like you I top them up every now and again.
Hope you're feeling better now and back to stitchy mode again xxxx

Melanie said...

So pretty seeing all the colors laid out like that!! :)

Marlene said...

I love it when my silks are in a tidy order, DH brought me a wooden unit for storing them, looks good next to the chair where I stitch

Shellie said...

HEHE great find and great fun I love sorting all my threads I have mind on stitchbows and my bobbins of spare threads are sorted in colours.
Have fun
Happy Stitching

Carol said...

Beautifully organized--what a treat for the eyes :)

Lynn said...

You're so well organized! Can I borrow you for a day?

Dawn said...

Your threads look lovely all lined up in their shades Cath! I do pretty much the same with mine. I am gradually using up my Anchor threads and getting more DMC but nowhere near having the full set lol.

Julie said...

Wow what eye candy, i love to looks at threads in a box ... what a sad person i am LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow Cath how organised are you lol!!

linnie x