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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Still here

Hi folks , I know I have been neglecting my blog of late ,the truth is , not done much stitching either .
We have had a couple of big stress factors since the end of February which seem to have infected everything at the moment , so my mojo for most things is pretty low.
Add that to the extra long holidays the kids seem to have had from school , and everything has gone to pot. With Easter being late , inset days and extra bank holidays added on, they were off for three weeks , and they're only back at school for three weeks before half term.
Anyway , I was one of the lucky people who received an gorgeous lavender bunny from Nia.
Thanks again Nia , I love it and have it on the shelf next to my seat .X
I have done a bit of stitching. Three chickens from Cross Stitcher issue 229 (before they changed it). They will be joined by a fourth (eventually) and hopefully turned into a couple of cushions.

I'm hoping to find some gingham's in black and red to make them up . Work on the fourth chicken is slow , but hopefully things will improve soon.

Thanks for dropping by ,



Cindy's Stitching said...

love the chickens. I did a bunch of these a while back. so cool

Jane said...

Nice to have you back!
I know how you feel ~ it seems like the kids are on permanent hols plus my DD has been on study leave too and to top it all my DH has changed jobs and is on a 3month break until he restarts ~ one very full house!
Love the chickens, I've been tempted to stitch them too and the gingham finish will be perfect

Teresa said...

Sorry you have had some stress.
The chickens are too cute! Good luck finding the right material for them.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely chickens.

Wonky Witch Needlecraft said...

Love your chickens too - I've had my eye on stitching these for a while but they are still a way down on my "To Do" stitch list.

Denise said...

Your chicks are cool. Hope you find the fabric you need.

And your strssors need to take a break and let you get back to your normal life! There by golly! lol

CalamityJr said...

Welcome back! Hope your stress level is improving every day. I think gingham will be perfect for the chickens; can't wait to see how you finish them!

Lindsay-ann said...

I adore your chickens Cath. They will look gorgeous made into cushions.
Sorry things have not been good for you of late. Hope things are improving now.

Carol said...

Very cute chicken--I especially like the one with the red hearts :)

Hope things get less crazy for you soon, Cath!

Rhona said...

You're chickens are so cute...they'll make great cushions. Hope you can find the fabric to make them!

mdgtjulie said...

Sorry you've lost your mojo Cath. It's hard when that happens. I hope you find it soon!!

Theresa said...

I love your chicks!!!!!!
Hope everything would calm down soon!!

RuthB said...

Oh heavens I do LOVE your chickens! Here's hoping your mojo returns to bring peace and harmony and general good days back for you.

Sally said...

The chickens looks great Cath.

Nice gift from Nia.

Hope you're feeling brighter soon {{{hugs}}}

Julie said...

Those little chickens are so cute, they did make me smile.

I keep seeing these lovely lavendar bunnys from Nia whilst i've been having a blog cathc up, a super gift.

Bolsover looks a nice place to visit

♥ Nia said...

I'm glad you like my little bunny =) It's a small gift, just a way to spread some smiles among my friends :)
Good work on your chickens :D
Go get your mojo back!! ;)

Justflo said...

Lovely chickens they look fun. Hope you manage to find a good backing for them. I'm sure your Mojo will arrive back soon.

mbroider said...

love these hens... I think i am in love with them, lol!