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Friday, 20 April 2012

What a difference

I have been automatically changed to the new version of blogger. Have to say , so far I am not impressed. I guess I will get used to it (not much choice really) , but why couldn't they have left well alone ? Just a quick post for now . I'm getting a bit more chance to stitch now the kids are back at school , but this week has been busy with other things too so not much progress. I did a small finish, which I turned into a card for Ellie (see previous post) so I'll show that.
I have done a bit more on my LK, but will show that next time . Until then , thanks for dropping by , Cath


Mouse said...

ohhh the card looks very pretty and I am sure she will love it :) I quite like the new blogger although to change somethings you have to go back into the old one !!!! love mouse xxxx

Penny said...

A lovely way to use this sweet finish!

Bernadett said...


Mylene said...

Noticed that too this evening when i am log in to post a new update, quite different and think i prefer the old one.

Lovely card!

Have a happy weekend!

Lindsay said...

I know what you mean about the new blogger and I've not even tried to post yet!

Lovely finish

Wendy said...

I completely agree - I hate the new style blogger, I can't find anything!

Love the stitching

Sally said...

What a sweet finish Cath. It's really pretty.

I hate the new blogger too and thanks to Becky found how to switch back to the old one. Go onto your dashboard and on the top right there is an options bit that looks like a cog. Click on that and there'll be a drop down bit where you can change.

Julie said...

Pretty card, she'll love receiving that.

♥ Nia said...

I think that Blogger is the only thing on Earth that updates... for worse! LOL Blogger team should take a long vacation and do nothing ;) hehehehehe

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous stitching :D I love that design. I know what you mean about the new blogger. Things are missing.