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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Thank you for the birds.

Tammy recently showed a new stitching start and asked people to guess what it was .Of the couple of clues, one was that it was for her Dad. Now , I know that she has stitched lots of birds for her Dad , so guessed it was some sort of bird. I was right , and Tammy sent me a lovely gift just for having a go. how nice is that ? 
 Look at the lovelies Tammy sent me .

 Gorgeous counting pins that Tammy made and packaged herself .

 Another hand made gift , a lovely scissor fob , with a maple leaf at the end . So pretty .
          Great fob. Got to agree with that saying .
  A foldable ort catcher . I have seen a tutorial for this before ,and though about making one , but never got                       round to it .
         And here it is all opened up .

      There was also a big bag of Smarties for the kids .They don't know about this yet ,lol .

                And a gorgeous chart.
Like Tammy , I am a big fan of bird charts , especially Valerie Pfeiffer . I just love her birds , and this is one of the charts that I haven't got , so it's even better . Another big Thank you Tammy, I love it all .

 To show how much I love the Valerie Pfeiffer birds ,I decided to get out my stash haul and show some pics.

     The collection of to do kits.
         Branching Out
            Chick Chat

  Now , I have Three Little Maids as a WIP , I have stitched "Singing The Blues" for my Grandma , but don't have a pic of that one . It was finished just before my Daughter was born , and it came back from the framers when we were still in hospital. I just about had enough time to wrap it before my Grandma came to see us on her 80th birthday .
I also stitched " Simply Wren" for my MIL .
 I have a vision of all these birds stitched and framed and hanging on the wall going up the stairs . Obviously this is going to take some time , as I have had the kits years , and this is only a fraction of my stitching stash. Oh well , I am never short of something to do ,lol.

  Thanks for dropping by ,



♥ Nia said...

Beautiful gits! And what a collection you have there :D

natalyK said...

I love all of your bird kits and what lovely pins and fob. Enjoy your new gifties.

Rhona said...

What a wonderful gift - lucky you! I adore your collection of charts especially the branching out and chick chat, they are all adorable.

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous gift from Tammy. Lovely collection of kits.

mdgtjulie said...

Some gorgeous things there. My fave is A Chorus Line. It's beautiful. So are yours. Argh, more things I want, lol. And you got a lovely gift. I love that solo; it's gorgeous too. I'll add it to the list, lol.

Chris said...

What a lovely package of treats :)
Your birds are lovely.

Mouse said...

awww that's a lovely goodie bag of goodies ... have they found the smarties yet heheheh
and love the wee birds ... think you will be kept out of mischief for quite a while with that lot ..lol :) love mouse xxxxx

Julie said...

A lovely parcel you received, the little ORT bag is lovely.
WOW! That is a nice aviary of birds you'll have when stitched.