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Friday, 20 July 2012

I'm back !

Not entirely sure what was wrong with my computer , but it seems to be OK now.
 It would get so far in starting up , and then freeze. The mouse was still working , but nothing else would respond , not even shutting down .
 We found out that it would work if started up in safe mode , so did that a few times , then did a full virus scan , and here we are . No virus showed up , but everything seems to be in proper working order , for which I am truly thankful .

 Whilst my computer was offline , I borrowed hubbys' occasionally, but then his got hit with a virus bomb, so I wasn't commenting just in case. Both PCs are now seemingly OK , let's just hope that they stay that way .

 Well, while I wasn't able to waste lots of time playing daft games on line, I made up for it by stitching and sewing .

 I ended up stitching Tramp whilst doing the wren for MIL , so one happy little girl , but now I need to make a cushion cover or two ,lol .

 After finishing and framing the wren , I wanted to do something for me , and got to looking through some of my mags that I have hoarded for years. I found quite a few charts that I'd mentally book marked , and decided to go for it , so started this one .
  It is called Galah by Jill Oxton , and it's from Jill Oxtons' Cross Stitch , issue 33 . I have quite few of these magazines, and most of them have at least one chart in that I would like to stitch . I do love Jills' animal charts , they are fantastically realistic , and mostly only whole stitches with a tiny bit of back stitch for detail .
 This was my start , and where I was when the computer decided to play up .
  And here it is finished.  (started 26th June , finished 8th July) . I love it , just got to try and find a frame for it now .
  I have started another of Jills' bird charts , but this is not one that will be expected ,lol . I will show pictures next time .

 I have also been working on ABC Lessons a bit too . This is the latest progress pics ,though I have done another line and started the next one since these photos were taken .

  I did change the colour of the little bird here , to keep in with the bird further on in the chart .
  I cannot believe that school is over for the summer. My little boys first year at school has gone so quickly , but he has come on so much .
 Both kids were on the same team for sports day , and their team came second , so they were very excited about that .
 We had a special assembly on Tuesday , and my son got a super star award , one of  five in his class, for progress and effort through out the year . And , both kids got attendance awards , so we are very happy and proud parents at the moment .

 So , end of term means teacher gifts . Funds are still tight , so there were some home made gifts this year . I made a couple of cute "things" for my daughters' teaching assistants . The teachers got mugs and bag holders.

 My sons class had chicks in this year , and we also took our chickens in for a visit , so I made some little chickens for the teachers and assistants .

  They all seem to have gone down well , so hopefully the staff will have something to remember the kids by .

 I wonder if I will get as much stitching done now that the computer is back on ,lol . Mind you , the kids are now on holiday , so I will no doubt be kept busy entertaining them . Both kids want to do some stitching though , so that will be interesting .

 I have also been chosen to receive a travelling pattern , which has arrived ,so I will shortly be posting a pic of that too .

 Thanks for reading , I will hopefully be back to commenting now too , yippee !

Take care ,


Lindsay-ann said...

Glad your computer is behaving itself again :) I loved seeing your stitching projects. They are all beautiful as usual. The teacher gifts are adorable. I am sure they will treasure them.
Have a lovely summer. Hope the promised sunshine arrives soon!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I agree those teachers gift are super and so different, I bet they went down well.

Lets hope the sun starts to shine for you and the rain stops now that the kids are out for summer.

Gill in Canada

Carol said...

Glad your computer is cooperating, Cath! Sure hope it behaves itself from now on...

That bird is incredible--what amazing detail! And your teacher gifts and Tramp are so cute! Great news that your kids had such good school years :)

Cindy's Stitching said...

all of the pieces are so nice. I hate when computers do not cooperate.

Lisa V said...

Good to see you're back Cath. Great stitchy pics!

Barb said...

Glad the computer is back at work! What wonderful gifts for teachers! Very thoughtful of you. All your work is great!! You stitched that bird so fast!!

Penny said...

Ugh! - computer problems are no fun! I'm glad everything seems to be fine now! Galah is beautiful! And lovely stitching on ABC Lessons! Cute teacher gifts too. :)

Lesleyanne said...

Pleased to hear your computer is behaving itself. Great stitching and gifts for the teachers. Hope you have a great summer holiday.

cucki said...

aww so happy that computer is alright now..
beautiful stitching and lovely gifts..love for you xxx

Chris said...

Hey Cath! Glad the computer is fixed.
You sure got a lot of stitching done. It all looks great.
The teacher's gifts are so sweet.
Have a great weekend.

Julie said...

Lovely to see a post here Cath.
I love the gifts forthe school teachers, so clever.
Wonderful stitching, lots of lovelies to feast my eyes on.

Melanie said...

Glad your computer is up and running again!
Incredible depth to the parrot on that pattern - WOW. Very nice.

Bernadett said...

I love the ABC lessons LK!