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Thursday, 25 October 2012

2nd post in a day

I must be bored ,lol. Mind you , not sure the previous one can be counted as a proper post .
 The kids are fed up , and I'm fed up of them bickering. Roll on next week when they are back at school and kept busy with Halloween discos and craft clubs and other such exciting things .

 Typically, with it being half term week, the weather has been fairly dreadful . Grey and foggy pretty much every day, so they haven't been able to go anywhere or even play out on the garden. We were going to go to the local indoor play centre , but it appears to be closed , not good.

 Sunday wasn't too bad , so we went for a walk along the trail to MILs' and took a packed lunch so we could stay for a while. I love autumn , so took the opportunity to take some colourful pics along the way .

I know these plants are weeds , but the leaves are turning such beautiful colours , I got lots of pics of different ones.

 We did manage to spy a few bedraggled flowers along the way too .

 The trail is an old disused railway track , and there are bat boxes on the side of one of the bridges . Not sure if they house any bats or not though .
 Well ,that's about it for my autumn walk , but I will be back soon with either more views or some crafty updates ,depends which takes my fancy ,lol .
 Thanks for dropping by ,


Mylene said...

Beautiful Autumn pictures!!

Bernadett said...

I love the autumn colors.:)
Rain and foggy here,too,but we have school.

Angela Cruz-garcia said...

I have found that sometimes those things that other people call "Weeds" are the prettiest.

cucki said...

Beautiful pictures xxx

Gill - That British Woman said...

we're in the midst of Fall here as well. Supposed to get wet and cooler over the next few days though....as long as it doesn't snow I don't mind!!!

Gill in Canada

Marilyn said...

Nice pics!

socialsue said...

Beautiful autumn photos of your walk!

Barb said...

Lovely autumn photos!The "weeds" are quite pretty!

♥ Nia said...

you have some beautiful autumn colors near you :)

Melanie said...

Pretty pics! I love walking in the fall. And it is Walktober after all.

Lindsay-ann said...

I enjoyed your winter walk today along the old railway track. Looks a great place for a walk well away from the traffic. Those bat boxes look like hand dryers! So you had half term last week? Ours is this week. Yipppee. I am so ready for a break. Hope all is well with you. Looking forward to catching up with your blog today.

Lynn said...

Thanks Cath for sharing your autumn pics. I always love seeing the fall colours.