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Monday, 19 November 2012

Red sky in the morning

 Means stay in and stitch .

A beautiful sight this morning has left a very cold and windy day, and to top it off it is now wet .
 So , nothing to do but stay in and stitch . After a full day stitching last Wednesday (the kids were at an after school club so I got an extra hour too) and a few more sessions , I only had the sand left to do on Calm Seas , so now it is Happy Dance time !!!! YAY!
 I mostly enjoyed stitching it , but I'm glad it's done. Quite pleased with how it's turned out ,though it needs a good wash before taking to the framers. It is one of those that looks better from a distance though , as it is taken from a painting.
 So , what next ?
 Well, I have a square to do for LQUK, then I would like to finish off all of my WIPs/UFOs before the end of the year if I can .
 They are  LK ABC Lessons
Christmas Recipe
 and Three Little Maids , which at the moment is only Two ,lol.
 I would love to get these all done so next year can be a clean slate .
 Next year is going to be a Big project year I think , but more on that later .

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cucki said...

All your wips are so lovely..so cute
Big hugs xxx

Lesleyanne said...

A lovely finish. Look forward to seeing your progress on your three wips. I hope you manage to get them finished. Can't wait to hear about the big project.

Mary Ann said...

WOW! Beautiful sunrise photos! And, Calm Seas is such a wonderful finish!!

Rhona said...

Fantastic sunrise pictures...what wonderful colours!
Lovely finish. I hope you manage to get your WIPs finished in time, they're looking good!

Bernadett said...

Pretty works in progress.:)
I love the LK the most.:)

Melanie said...

FABULOUS sunrise photos!!!!
Good luck on your goal of whipping through your wips!! I would do that too but..........HAHAHAHAA! So not happening. I'll be happy if I finish ONE of my wips by the end of the year. lol

Barb said...

Calm Seas is beautiful!! Good luck with your finishes! I'm just trying to get "Christmas Garden " done by Dec. 1!

Caitlin Jordan said...

Gorgeous stitching. lovely finish and good luck with your goals.

Marilyn said...

Red sky in the morning, sailor's warning!
What a great pic.
Good luck on finishing your wips, the 3 Maids is going to be very cute.

Jane said...

Your sunrise pic is beautiful as is your Happy Dance.
Good luck with the WIPS, a few more full stitching days will help otherwise you'll be burning the midnight oil xxx

Chris said...

Gorgeous sky! What amazing color.
Lovely projects too.

Julie said...

Calm Seas is amazing, what a spectacular finish.