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Thursday, 18 July 2013

A little update .

Hi everyone , not much stitching getting done due to the weather. Sorry to all you sun lovers out there , but I have had enough of it now . Way too hot , and making me feel ill .
  Here is a shot of where I left Rosita last night.
I spent most of yesterday stitching , after not picking it up for nearly a week . Lots of school events and warm weather made it fairly difficult to stitch .
 I have also finished up a small for an exchange , but can't show that yet , so you will have to wait .

 I have changed the blog in my "Pimp your blog" section , over there => , and will try to do so every week , so please keep checking it out, you may find some new and interesting blogs .

 Thanks for dropping by ,


Barb said...

I sure hope it cools off soon for all of you. I do know how you feel, we rarely get hot in the Pacific but when we do we suffer!

cucki said...

Looking so lovely so far..
Happy stitching x

Barb said...

Oh I know how you feel Cath its not nice at all. Still you have managed to get some done and it looks good.Warm hugs!!

Bernadett Rauski said...

Dear Cath,

I heard that the weather in Great Britain is unusually very hot...It is hot in Serbia,too,but there is a light breeze...
Your stitching ,Rosa is very nice.:)
Thank you for the blog.:)

Greetings and all the best.:)

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress. It looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see more.

Chris said...

I hope that there is some relief from the heat soon. I know how exhausting it can be and I am just amazed that we are having a moderate summer...knock on wood.
Beautiful stitching progress.
Keep drinking lots of water!!

Sally said...

Lovely progress Cath.

I'm with you on the heat. It's too much and I'm hoping for some cooler temps.I'm still stitching as it would drive me mad to just sit. I must admit I feel rather unwell today. Not good as we have a wedding to go to tomorrow.

♥ Nia said...

You have a lot of white stitched! Not an easy task, to stitch white on white fabric :p Looking good sweetie! Keep it up :D

Julie said...

Much cooler here today, hope it is for you too. Growing beautifully.

Anne said...

Hopefully it will cool down for you. Too much heat isn't good. Great progress on your HAED!!

Lonneke said...

Lovely progress.
I know about the heat, it's very hot here in Holland as well!

Stitching Angel said...

Hi love your stitching hope you don't mind that I have put you on my blog list at crossstitchangel@blogspot.com.au If you do let me know thanks and again great stitching

Lynn said...

Great progress despite the heat. I can usually handle heat but it's the humidity that does me in every time. Unfortunately we've had plenty of it this summer and it tires me out.