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Monday, 19 August 2013

A lovely trip out .

 Hubby took the week off work last week , so we could go out and about with the kids .

 We are lucky to have lots of natural attractions locally, but tend to always go to the same places. We had , however been trying to make a list of new things to do and see. So , we decided to go to Chesterfield Canal last Monday , for a change .

  We parked up at Tapton Lock , walked as far as we could one way and then returned for a picnic lunch before heading off in the opposite direction for a while .
  To say how close it is to the centre of town , it was fairly quiet and peaceful .
 Lots of lovely things to see.

The buddleia bushes were full of butterflies and bees . I love to see butterflies ,especially the Peacocks.
So pretty .

 Look at the size of this bee .

You can see the Crooked Spire from the tow path .

 Love these flowers. I thought that they looked a bit like orchids , but on investigation at home , it turns out they are called Indian Balsam and are classed as a destructive weed due their high transplantation rate. apparently the seeds spread a long way , very quickly .

Still think they are pretty though .

 More butterflies .

 We were pretty amazed to see the size of the fungus growing on this tree.

 Each one was bigger than a dinner plate .

 And of course ,we have to have ducks .

 We spent a happy half hour or more watching these two diving to the bottom and popping up again , so cute .

 Another species of butterfly. I need to look in my book to see what kind they are .

 Cool spiral bridge .

 Wild teasel . We managed to get a couple of the smaller ones . boy are those things prickly .

So , all in all a lovely day out . Me and the kids got a couple of bits from the shop. Well , you need souvenirs of good days out , don't you ?

 Tuesday , hubby took the kids to the park while I did the shopping  . Wednesday was an even better day out , but I'll save that for later .
 Thanks for dropping by ,
 Cath x


Shirlee said...

Such fun photos ... thanks for sharing : )

Chris said...

My type of day out! Thanks for taking me along :)
Have a lovely week.

Julie said...

A perfect day out, great pics, those fungus are huge!

Miss LindaLee said...

There is so much to see right in the areas that we live, and unless you take the time, you never do see and appreciate them. Hubby and I will go, what we call "exploring" from time to time. All that actually is, is driving on roads that we haven't been down in our own area. We've wound up seeing some great lakes, beaches and flowers and all by doing that. Have found lots of out of the way places to grab a nice lunch as well. Glad you were able to take some time off and enjoy the getaways.

Mylene said...

Beautiful pictures!

Peggy Lee said...

Beautiful flower pics and that Crooked Spire is interesting!
We always pack extra bread or pretzels for the ducks when we go out on the lake. They seem to know when lunch time is and suddenly they all appear at once!
Thanks for sharing.

Barb said...

What a wonderful family day. The butterflies are just beautiful.

Bernadett Rauski said...

Lovely photos.:)

♥ Nia said...

Great pics! I love the ducks :D sooo cute :)