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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Heroes .

 Pokemon Heroes that is.

   With the kids being on holiday , I'm not getting much chance to settle down for a serious stitching session , so no progress on Rosita. I had a theory that if I was stitching for the kids ,they would let me do some occasionally ,lol.
 It kind of worked , though I now have two lists a mile long of what they want stitching , mainly Pokemon and Moshi Monsters. Not many Moshi charts out at the moment , I have bought one with five Moshis on , and the rest I will have to chart myself from pictures.

  Pokemon on the other hand are no problem, they have been out a while , so lots and lots of free charts out there . My son has Pokemon Heroes the Movie , so first on the list were Latias and Latios .

 This is Latias , started at the weekend and finished this morning . Latios will be next .

 The boy is not too well at the moment , so not a lot going on  . Hopefully more stitching soon .

 Thanks for dropping by ,


♥ Nia said...

That was a fast stitching :) Nice work!
Hope your soon will feel better soon!

Peggy Lee said...

I know nothing about these characters but you really stitched that one up nicely! I'm sure your little one loves it.

I hope your boy feels better soon.
My son always had a "get well bunny" when he was little to hug when he was sick. His little ones now use it when they are sick.

Barb said...

Latias is so cute. Hope your son is all better soon!

Marlene Jones said...

Love your stitching, my grandson is Moshi Monster mad, enjoy the quickies.

Lesleyanne said...

A lovely finish. Hope your son feels better soon.

Julie said...

Get well quickly wishes for your little man.
A nice bright fun stitch project. I remember pokemon when my kids were quite small.

cucki said...

Hope you feel better soon.
Big hugs x

Melanie said...

Hope your son is feeling better! :)

Pumpkin said...

Cute Cath! I guess I should familiarize myself with this stuff. I'll probably be dealing with it some day down the road. LOL!