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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Help please .

I have been unable to find anywhere over here that is stocking LHNs' Needleworker chart at the moment .

 Does anyone know where I might be able to get one in England ?

 Has anyone finished with their copy of the chart and would be willing to sell/trade ? I am mainly interested in the chart rather than the threads so chart only would not be a problem .

 Otherwise ,would anyone in the US be willing/able to purchase and post for me . I would of course
 reimburse or trade for UK magazines or something , whichever would suit .

Also  ,where in the UK would be good to get Q snap frames ? I am interested in trying one out . How much of the fabric does it cover up round the edges ? I am stitching on 13 " squares for LQUK , so would a 11" sq one be best ?

 Thanks for looking .
 I will be back soon as just realised , got a lot of catching up to do . However , hubby has borrowed my camera for work , so no pics at the moment .

Cath x


Shirlee said...

If I had the chart, I'd send it to Cath! I am not sure which one you are looking for ... I found two different LHN Needleworker charts here on 123 Stitch. They ship to the UK.


I can't help you with where to buy Q-Snaps in the UK but 123 Stitch has them too. I use them all the time. The old ones, when they first came out, are wonderful. I only have one or two of those now. I've found the newer ones aren't as good, but they still work. Just remember if you purchase, for example, a 6" frame, it measures 6" square but only gives you about 4" of stitching space. For that size frame, you will need to cut your fabric to measure 8" (although 8-1/2" is better)to make sure the side clamps grip it well.

Hope this helps : )

♥ Nia said...

I can't help you sweetie but I'm sure you'll find someone who can :) Good luck!!

Lesleyanne said...

I can't help with the Needleworker chart I'm afraid. I must admit I wouldn't mind stitching it. Have you tried Sew and So. I have used q-snaps but didn't really get on with them. I couldn't keep my magnifier clipped on too well. I think if you are using 11 x 11 fabric perhaps 8 x 8 would be best. I got mine from http://www.cross-stitch-heaven.co.uk/q-snap-frame-11x11-18227-p.asp. I hope this helps.

Bekca said...

I use the website 123stitch.com. They're based in America, but as the conversion rate is so good, it often works out cheaper than buying stuff in the UK! Worth a look if you're buying a few things :)
Best wishes.

Valma said...

hello Cath
I've been trying to sell this chart on Ebay for weeks and nobody wants it...maybe because it was for you =)
I can't delete an auction :(
But I can close the selling once you have make a bid....
My name on Ebay is vdmadlm62...
if you don't find tell me
I would be happy to help you

Mouse said...

if all else fails you can borrow mine once I have finished with it :)
and think wye had q snaps in last time I looked ? love mouse xxxx

Syd said...

I am finished with mine and would be happy to send it to you.


Syd said...

I am finished with mine and would be happy to send it along. I don't have the fibers but can pass along the chart.

Julie said...

http://www.sewandso.co.uk/ran549-0.html you can buy the plastic snap frames at Sew and So. My magnifier clips on really well, I've also bought myself a lap one so it stands on my lap - love it!http://www.sewandso.co.uk/ran1632-0.html

Wendy said...

Qsnap frames are amazing, you only need a little bit of fabric to fold round the back and they hold it so taut... where did I get my from? Hang on...Quilt Direct


I've got a 6" which is tiny, a 10" and a 17". I took part of the 10" frame parts off to make an 8 or 9" one and you can buy extenders to make them bigger or rectangular.

Marlene Jones said...

Q snaps, 123 stitch or ebay, I brought a pack of two different sizes, and inter change them, works perfect.

Emma/Itzy said...

I would recommend Patchwork Rabbit, they are a UK based company and I use them all the time.


Emma/Itzy said...

As for the Qsnaps have you tried Cross Stitch Heaven?


Denise Collins said...

You can get q snap frames and covers at cross-stitch-heaven.co.uk. Denise