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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Another Year .

Wow , time really does pass quickly as you get older ,lol .

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas time . We certainly did . After all the rushing around prior to
Christmas, the event itself was very relaxed and enjoyable . Apart from the lack of sleep that is . My daughter finally settled off to sleep at around 4.00 am , and was up again around 7 .That said , it was a lovely day visiting family , eating a lovely dinner and chilling the afternoon away.

 I got absolutely No stitching gifts .But I did get lots of cash , so you know where a lot of it will be going . Already ordered some threads, and will be searching for other goodies no doubt .

 So , another year pretty much done and dusted. Guess it's time for a quick catch-up and review , then some info about next year.

 A couple of projects not yet shown . I was thrilled to be asked to stitch a square for Sallys' special birthday quilt .
 Sally loves it , and Mouse did such a great job with the quilting .

 My last two squares for LQUK this year .
    The butterfly is my own design , but it changed drastically from the original chart. Still quite pleased with how it turned out though .
  A cute little owl .
  My squares have gone down to the post office today , but it seems I missed the (early) last collection , so they will start their journey on Thursday .

 So , 2013 , well a reasonable year stitching wise .
 I started 42 projects and completed 37. Out of the 37 , 15 were charity squares for LQUK. My main finish of course was HAED Butterflies Galore . Still love it , and still need to get it framed ,lol .
  I also read 114 books, I am down from last year , as my total was 120 for 2012 , but some of the books read this year were biggies ,with one being almost 1000 pages . Quite happy with the total anyway.

 I am sure I have missed things from the end of this year , but if I remember I will add them at a later point .

On to 2014 .
 I don't make resolutions as such, just have hopes and plans .

 Stitching wise , I am going to try something different next year. Something I have never done before and never wanted to do . I am going to try a rotation !
  I started HAED QS Rosita in July, stitched like mad on her for three weeks and have not picked her up since. I really want to get her finished in 2014 and at least start another one , so to try and do this and keep up with other things , I am going to give rotation a whirl .
 The plan so far is for the first week of the month , work on HAED .  second week will be charity squares as I still want to contribute to LQUK as much as I can . Third week will be for other charts/kits that I have , with the fourth week/ end of the month being UFO/ free choice. I have a couple of UFOs , some carry over WIPs and lots of stash so that will hopefully keep me occupied.

  It may not quite work out like this for January as I have a couple of things I need to get stitched up asap.

 My last start of 2013 will be my first finish of 2014. I am stitching the ABCD by La-D-Da which has been a travelling pattern , and I need to get it done so it can go back. Don't want to show a pic yet,for two reasons , one , I haven't taken one ,lol, but also , it is stitching up pretty quickly so hopefully it will be a finish pretty soon.

 Also , 2014 , I am hoping to organise a Christmas in July exchange/secret Santa ,so if anyone is interested ,please bear in mind as I will be posting April ish .

And now ,all that remains is to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year , I hope 2014 brings all that you wish for  and all that I wish for you , health , happiness and plenty of stitching .

Take care everyone ,
Cath x


stitchersanon said...

Happy New Year! I love your design: It isnt 'changing' when it is your own design: we call that tweaking and it is part of the fun of designing. Much nicer perfecting your own rather than having to alter other's charts to suit your taste!
Have a wonderful new year xx

Stitchy Heather said...

wow Cath you have been busy this year!!! good luck with next year and hope the rotation works for you

Luv Stitchy xxx

Mad about Craft said...

Happy New Year!

Mouse said...

so pleased you were able to join in with the quilt :)
looking forward to seeing the TP :)
well done on the stitching goals and the reading too :)
count me in for the exchange remind me ..lol
wishing you a wonderful stitchy new year :) love mouse xxxxx

Barb said...

All of your plans sound terrific! I hope you and your family have a very Happy New Year!!

Catherine said...

Happy New Year!!

Melissa said...

Time does fly by quicker and quicker, it seems, as one gets older! I think we are all so busy. Well, as long as we get some fun stitching time, reading time, etc it's all good.

Happy New Year, Cath!

Julie said...

2 lovely squares for the quilts Cath.
Happy New Year, good luck with your rotation plans.

♥ Nia said...

Love your owl =)
Christmas in july?? You only have great ideas!! :D
Happy 2014!!!!! :D

Mylene said...

Happy New Year!!

Bekca said...

Happy New Year Cath! And thank you for your kind comment on my blog post :) Great finishes, I love the little owl too. I like the sound of a Christmas in July exchange, I'll keep an eye out for that post.
Best wishes.

Melanie said...

Happy New Year!!!! :)

Sally said...

I'm catching up! I love my quilt! Thank you so much for taking part. Each and every square is so special and I will never forget what you all did for me.

Cute squares for the quilts. Love the owl!