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Friday, 3 January 2014

A couple of finishes .

 I'm on a roll here folks .
 I finished up ABCD by La-D-Da yesterday. Very happy with how it turned out, this time ,lol. I originally started with a totally different colour ,and didn't like how it came out one little bit .
   I think it is the wishy-washy pale green/grey that put me off, but it just wasn't working .
 So , I pulled out some four stranded thread by 21st century yarns that I bought at Harrogate a few years ago , and it was much better . I just used one strand of thread as it is thicker than standard stranded cotton, but the coverage is quite good .

  This is stitched on a random piece of even weave that was in a bargain pack from Readicut a few years ago. I think it is something weird like 26ct , but looks quite nice.
  A better idea of the colours , though I have struggled to get a good picture with the horrible weather we are having at the moment.
  Ta- Daa!
 My attempt at a panoramic shot ,lol .
 So , all done and dusted and the chart will be zipping back up to the Mouse House next week .

 Todays' finish requires a little explanation . In my Daughters' class at school , they have a "Star of the week" every week, which is decided on Fridays. My Daughter was chosen on the last day of term , so it continues until the first Friday back at school .
 As "Star" she got to bring home Freddy the Fish. We were originally going to make him a Christmas Stocking , but time kind of disappeared and I am now pretty much done with Christmas ,so we decided to go with a sleeping bag instead.
  My lovely girl decided after we had made the sleeping bag that she wanted his name on it, so I found out a bit of aida band and made it up as I went along . Then she decided that she wanted a picture of him on it too.

  The completed sleeping bag .
 and his likeness, which I think is pretty good for the size of it .
 It fits !

 LOL, My Daughter was very happy with it , so it was worth the afternoon and evening spent making it up.

 As I said , I am pretty much done with Christmas. The tree is still up , but hopefully only until tomorrow .
  My new wreath , made by MIL will stay up a little longer though .Very pretty .
 And , I can't believe I forgot to show my new pretty . Though actually ,it's understandable in a way as it was put up out of the cats' way to try and keep it safe .
  My new cup candle , with a pair of antique scissors attached. Not sure what the perfume is , but it smells gorgeous , and I love it . Still debating on whether or not to remove the scissors.
 Well ,think that's about it for now . Stay safe everyone , the weather is being pretty horrible to lots of people at the moment .
 Take care ,


Emma/Itzy said...

Your finishes are great! I think every fish needs a sleeping bag! lol x

♥ Nia said...

Great change of colours, indeed! Looks beautiful! well done, congrats on your finish :D
Oh! You even stitched a small Freddy on the label :) heheheh adorable!
My tree is staying for the weekend, just a couple more days.. here we have the tradition to celebrate King's Day so the season closes on Jan 6th. Gives me a little more time to slowly say goodbye to the decorations ;) hehehe
Enjoy your weekend!!

Beth said...

The Freddy Fish sleeping bag is a hoot! Love the greeny-purple floss on your alpha finish.

RitaGri said...

ABCD - i like it! And the sleeping bag is jolli.

Gill - That British Woman said...

great finishes and love them all. I would use the scissors.

Vickie said...

I love Freddy in his sleeping bag. First fish I have seen sleep that way. ;)

Bekca said...

The sleeping bag is the cutest finish ever! You did really well capturing Freddy in stitches :)
Best wishes.

Mii Stitch said...

Freddy's sleeping bag is the best!!!

Mouse said...

ooooo love the second choice for the floss and it looks gorgeous :)

and what can I say but that sleeping bag is adorable :) love the tea cup set too :) love mouse xxxxx

stitchersanon said...

I love the new colours...it is so important to get it right isnt it! Love Freddy Fish..very cute xx Great post xx

Julie said...

Freddy is going to have fun visiting homes in his new sleeping bag, what a clever idea.
Love your new finish, great colour thread.
The cup candle is gorgeous.

Barb said...

What pretty finishes! You both took great care of Freddy the fish!

Lesleyanne said...

Two gorgeous finish. II am sure Freddy will love his sleeping bag, A lovely gift

Chris said...

Great finishes Cath! I love Freddy :) That wreath is very pretty.
Lovely candle and scissors.
Have a great week!

Brigitte said...

Oh yes, you were doing right with the colour change on the Alphabet. I love your new colour version.
What a sweet idea to make a sleeping bag for the fish. So cute.

What a beautiful wreath this is. No wondert hat you want to keep it up a bit longer. Our tree comes down today as it's Three Kings Day, the traditional day for taking the Christmas tree down here.

Kay said...

Freddy is adorable!! You are a very devoted mummy.

Angel Blue said...

Love the pics and that is great she got picked.

Bernadett Rauski said...

Lovely stitching dear Cath.:)
Happy New Year.

Bernadett Rauski said...

Lovely stitching dear Cath.:)
Happy New Year.

Jeanne said...

Awww..little Freddy's sleeping bag is so cute! I definitely like the changes you made to redo your La-D-Da alphabet - the greens and purples are lovely. Congrats!

Catherine said...

Love, love love the purples and greens in your ABCD!! And the bag for the fish ~ brilliant!! Love it!

Sally said...

Love your La D Da finish Cath. The colours are gorgeous.

That bag is so cute!

The candle in a teacup is lovely. Gorgeous scissors. A girl can never have to many scissors!

Shebafudge said...

Both lovely. I love the idea of Freddy the Fish!