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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Christmas in August .

I organised a Christmas in July exchange, but due to a few interruptions, Gaynor and I ended up exchanging in August . (Chemo brain on one side and PO closure for refurb. on the other ,lol ) .  Coincidentally we ended up posting and receiving on the exact same days , so it all worked well in the end .
 This is what I sent to Gaynor .
 Note book , to - do list and ribbons.
 LHN Sheep Virtues "Hope" , stitched using mostly recommended threads , apart from BS5200 instead of Ecru for the snow and snow flake and Wispa thread for the sheepie.
 The backing fabby.

Gaynor excelled once again , with a fantastic design and amazing finish .
  Love this design and what a great idea to fix it to a stash box.
 Wrapped goodies .
 Lots of treats
 Stash !

Thanks again Gaynor , for a great exchange. I love it all . The choccy is going down well with everyone ,lol .

Well , that's all for now , got to get ready for the girlys' swimming lesson, but have lots more bits to catch up on ,so should be back soon.
 Take care ,
 Cath x


Vickie said...

What a lovely exchange that worked out very well. Come back soon. ;)

stitchersanon said...

I really enjoyed it. I wondered what you stitched the little sheep with..it is very strokable! I am using the book already and the too do file is perfect. I'm using it for my RAKs etc so I dont forget anymore. Thank you for being so understanding xxxx

KimM said...

Oh my goodness - what a fantastic exchange!! Lucky, lucky girls. hugs

cucki said...

So beautiful x

Barb said...

What a lovely exchange. Treasures on both sides!

Donna G. said...

Thanks for getting this exchange together. Looks like we all received beautiful ornaments and other treasures.

Sally said...

What a lovely exchange.

Mii Stitch said...

This really was a great exchange on both sides :)

Bekca said...

Such a lovely exchange, thanks for sharing :)

Julie said...

Really super exchange, you both stitched such great designs and finished them so lovely.

Julie said...

Really super exchange, you both stitched such great designs and finished them so lovely.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow what an awesome exchange you were spoilt!