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Monday, 23 March 2015

Not quite total

Eclipse that is .

 Friday morning was eagerly awaited in this house as it had been marked on he calendar since last year when the boy had asked about eclipses. We went on line and searched for images and for when the next eclipse would occur, so it was with great delight that we got up to a clear morning .
 We did end up with some cloud cover
 but to be honest , it made for a better view
 and I think ; for better pictures.

 A shame that more wasn't made of it at school as most of the kids were interested and one year have been studying space, but we enjoyed it.

  Back soon with stitchy news.
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Marlene jones said...

Lovely photo's much better view than ours.

Vickie said...

Neat! I can remember the solar eclipse that occurred while I was in grade school. We all"observed" it.

cucki said...


Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow awesome pictures!

Marilyn said...

Wow, those are some cool pics of the Eclipse!
Thanks for sharing them.
We couldn't see it here, it was way too cloudy.

Brigitte said...

Great pictures. Here the coverage of the sun was only under 50% as we are south of you. It got just a bit darker.

Barbi said...

Lovely shots!

Sally said...

Lovely photos Cath.

Julie said...

You captured the eclipse wonderfully,

Rachel Tomkins said...

Those are great pictures of the eclipse and look so atmospheric with the cloud cover. You should be very pleased with them. We had 100% thick cloud so saw nothing which was a shame as our schools had done a lot of work towards it. Oh well, there's another one in 11 years! :)