"If you can count the number of projects you have going , you need to begin another, so you have a varied range of complexity from the very simple 'mind-less' ones to those that demand undivided attention." (Laura Early).


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Monday, 23 November 2015

Week three

Well, last week was a bit of a bust as far as stitching goes. I managed to get more than 100 stitches in , just , and not much else was done . Appointments, busy days and feeling grotty as the end of the week led to more snuggling and reading than stitching. Still, any progress is good and I have higher hopes for the coming week.

 End of week two
 End of week three.

I am wanting to work on other things now , which isn't helping , and still wanting to start loads. Still resisting the urges though , for now ,lol .
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Julie said...

You've done loads ... well done!

Marlene jones said...

I'm not good at doing too many projects at once, it is hard when you are in the middle of a big project

Rachel Tomkins said...

Hope you're feeling better now. Nevermind that you didn't do much last week - you still got in the required 100 stitches, and like you said, you're doing other projects too. How much longer can your startitis urge hold out though?? :)

Mii Stitch said...


Mylene said...

Still a very good progress!