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Thursday, 11 February 2016


Well ,the year is flying by , yet again . I really feel that I am getting old.

A little more stitching has been done since my last post .
 This one is a named square for Love Quilts. It is slightly different to the chart as it was meant to be in a circle with a blobby flower, but I didn't like it , so missed it off and just extended the dress downwards a bit.
 This is another one for my Daughter. It is done with the same colours as the tiger ,so will hopefully pull them together a bit when they finally get made into a quilt .
  And a LQ any child square. This one was started last October , but was just fitted in between other projects until the last couple of weeks.
I have started a Minnie Mouse square , but not a lot to show yet . Also having a major spring clean and clear out. We have been to the recycling dump quite often lately , and more to come , lol.
 The stash sort out may have to wait a little while as I have so much other stuff that needs doing.

 Half term next week, so not much spare time to be had , so hopefully I will be picking up those UFOs when the kids are back at school and hubby is back to work .
 Thanks for dropping by ,


KimM said...

All of your projects look so pretty. Can hardly wait to see Minnie 😄

Linda said...

Congrats on the adorable finishes Cath.


Rachel Tomkins said...

Three lovely finishes there Cath. I especially like the owl and the very subtle Elsa. :)

cucki said...

Aww beautiful stitching x

Vickie said...

Lots more great stitching by you! What a beautiful piece you created for some dear girl. I sorted through my magazines the other day. Feels good to give them away and have less of a pile here. ;)

Mylene said...

Lovely finishes, Cath!
Happy weekend!!

Barb said...

Very nice stitching projects. Enjoy the break with your children!

Julie said...

Lovely stitching you've been doing Cath.
Hope you have some of the lovely sunshine I do today - enjoy your half term week.

Sally said...

Sweet finishes Cath.

Hope you had a lovely half term.