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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Still here.

Thank you for your comments on my last few posts. I apologise if I haven't replied , some of you are still no-reply bloggers which doesn't help , but also , I've tried to cut down my time on the computer.
 All this sorting and shifting and scrubbing is cutting into my stitching time , which I don't like at all , lol, so the on-line time had to give a bit to make up for it.
 I'm happy to report that the boy is much better , though he did have to have another couple of days off school. The only problem now is that his ears are still blocked so lots of repeating myself going on .
 I have done some more stitching , so on with the show.

 A couple of any child squares for Love Quilts.

 Snuck in one of my Daughters' squares.
 Another any child square.
 And a named square .
Got four more sign-ups to do , so hoping to get cracking on one of those today , already emptied the bins and done the pots . It's another grey and wet day , so not much else to do.
Thanks for dropping by ,


Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

I love your squares for Love Quilts :) thank you for stitching for them!

Vickie said...

Good for you! I chose to keep online time limited also. You have accomplished much.

Cindy's Stitching said...

Lots of beautiful finishes

Barb said...

Great squares for the love quilts.

Rachel Tomkins said...

Lovely stitching Cath. The tortoise is especially cute! :)

KimM said...

Lovely stitching. Take care

Julie said...

You've been busy Cath, lots of lovely little crosses being put in at your home.

Brigitte said...

Your squares for Love Quilts are all so beautiful and will bring much joy.

♥ Nia said...

That Minnie looks so fun :D
Well done! ALl blocks look so cute and pretty!! =)
hugs&smiles to you