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Monday, 16 May 2016


 So , got the laptop back last week, just been too busy to post ,lol.
 The screen decided to go kaput , so we thought it might be the back light , which would cost £60 - £100 to fix , still cheaper than a new computer. Fortunately the light was fine , just some loose screws and hinges putting pressure on one of the cables was causing the problems . Not so good , on giving it a health check , they discovered that the hard drive was failing , so replaced it . Fortunately we had already backed up all the important stuff . I've had to re-install a couple of things and it was frustrating trying to get back on here , but all is well in the end ....

 Well, with the computer at any rate.

 Thursday before last , we got back from school, kids went up to get changed and my daughter came down to tell me that there were cracks in her ceiling with water coming through , not good. Now, I have never been up in our loft before and truly believed that I would never manage it , but I did . Leaking pipe causing the problem, so tried to put tape round it to no avail . Passing things down to my daughter , who turned round too quickly and banged her her on the stair bannister.
  A massive lump came up in less than a minute and she said she wanted to go to sleep , so mad dash to A&E. Two hours later (pretty good) we could go home with instructions to have the next day off school .
 Hubby got home from work , we had to turn the water off fully as he couldn't fix the pipe there and then. All calm until 10.30 pm , when we heard a thud as part of the ceiling came down.

 Temporarily fixed the next day , with plans to do a better repair this week as hubby is off work.

 Last week was full of stress as it was SATs so my daughter was incredibly wound up. So glad it is over. I am looking forward to getting to relax at some point in the next few months ,lol.

 Anyway , I have still been able to do some stitching , so here's what's been done since last time.

  Lots of Love Quilts squares.

 Really pleased with this one , the theme is Star Wars and space , so I charted a couple of SW planets.

 I had ten squares to post in , so took a picture of all of them together before washing.
 This one is only recently finished .
  I have also made some bookmarks for the kids , but they are in use , so I will have to get pictures another time.
  And , just because ,a pic of my lovely boy Fraser , flopped.
Thanks for dropping by ,


Justine said...

Oh no what a horrible week! Hope that's all your bad luck in one go. Your squares turned out well though, I especially like the Star Wars one.

Julie said...

What a week you had .... Good news your ceiling can be repaired easily by DH. My daughters whole kitchen ceiling came down after a long term leak in her shower and she was out the rented accommodation for over 4 months whilst repairs were done.
Wonderful stitching.
SATs talk is not popular locally here .... Parents are not happy.
Hope your daughter is now fully well after her bump.

KimM said...

Wow, you've had some exciting times, haven't you? Hope things settle down into quiet and calm. Pretty stitching....

Vickie said...

Wow! That is excitement you do not need!!
You are ever productive!