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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

More Stitchy Stuff

Well , I made a mistake last time .While the cat was my first counted cross stitch piece , in actual fact , it wasn't my first cross stitch. I was reading the comments on here on Sunday , when I suddenly remembered this :

This is a stamped tablecloth that my penfriend sent me when I was about 13 or 14 . It is awful , the top arms of the crosses are not all the same direction. I followed the stamped image , which wasn't very good , so the stitches are all wonky and it looks pretty naff. I can't remember there being any instructions with it , but I suppose there must have been or I wouldn't have known which colours to use where.

Kept in the same bag is this little beauty My Great Auntie used to give me things like this , knowing I liked cross stitch , she thought I'd like embroidery too. I wouldn't fancy doing it , but I like to look , and appreciate the beauty of items like this . I doubt it will ever get used , but it will be kept and treasured.

Just wanted to share these pictures with you .

So , after my first little bits and bobs , I started buying magazines , as you do (Still got loads of them upstairs), and decided to try something a bit more challenging. I saw one of the readicut ads where you got a kit dirt cheap and got some cheap threads free kind of thing. Spotted a kit I liked and ordered it . I made a start , and got on quite well , even though the colours were very similar. I got about half way through , when I thought I'd made a big mistake and done a whole lot of stitches in the wrong colour.As they were all dotted everywhere , I hit despair and put it away to sort out another time.

There it remained for several years (I kid you not) until I finally plucked up the guts to take it out and see if I could salvage anything.And then , I could not find a mistake ! Typical . So , I finished it off , with a few wrong stitches here and there , but nothing too drastic , washed it and had it framed and it now hangs at the top of the stairs.

Every time I walk past this picture , which is quite a lot , I snarl to myself. I think I'll always keep this picture ,as it was my first proper stitch , and first framed piece , but I don't really like it after all the hassle. Grrrrrrrrrrrr


lenna said...

I think it is very nice. The framing on it is also first rate. I do this for a living and it is very good.
I wish I had kept my very first piece. I gave it to my daughter's math teacher and she loved it.
your stitching is quite lovely.
Keep it up.
God Bless ~

Cath said...

Hi Lenna ,
Thank you . we always have our framing done at the same place as they are so good.I wouldn't trust anyone else. They offer good advice as well as a good job.
Thanks , Cath