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Friday, 21 August 2009

So , how did you start stitching?

I was out shopping with my Mum and sister , and we happened to go past the wool and haberdashery stall in the local indoor market. Hanging up were some cross stitch kits , and my sister mentioned that she wouldn't mind trying it at some point. The next time I was in town , I went and bought a couple of kits for us to try . Both the same ,and looking back now , quite cheesy . I do think stitching styles have changed immensely over the years , and charts are much better and more varied now. Anyway , here is a picture of my first ever cross stitch I'm going to be really brave , and show you the back too. It's not great , but not bad for a first attempt. Those are not french knots by the way , as I had no idea what they were , I just knotted the thread close to the fabric lol. Anyway , these are a few more photos of my early stitching experiences. I have gone on to do bigger , and I hope , better things. These are kept in a bag , and will probably stay there , but it's nice to remember where you started. Still love this kitty , as it reminds me of a cat I used to have. So , have you still got your first stitch ?


Keli said...

Hi, I too have just started my own blog.

Still trying to get things figured out. You can take a look at myquietcorner-kelles.blogspot.com.

My first cross stitch was when I was still in grade school. A set of dish towels with the days of the week to cross stitch on them. The fabric was gingham and you made the crosses in the little squares. Were they are I have not a clue. We're talking almost 35 years ago.

Okay, now I feel old.


Cath said...

Hi Keli , thanks for dropping by , hope to see you again .
I'm learning as I go , with some help from bloggy friends. Maybe you should ask family if they know what happened to your dish towels. It's nice to think they're still around somewhere.

Always smiling said...

Hi Cath,

Welcome to the world of blogging and your first stitching was lovely.. gosh mine went west years ago.. I did do a lovely wedding sampler for my daughter gave it to her on their second anniversary(1994) it took me that long and she has never hung it. Boo hoo I was so proud of it and as I worked full time as a teacher I used to get up really early and do an hour before I went to school.
Ah well I love stitching so no matter!!LOL
Chris x

Cath said...

I know that feeling well , I put a lot of work into a picture as a present for a family member , and two years later , it was still in the bubble wrap lying on a chair in an unused room. It still upsets me actually , but hey ho .XX

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Cath
Noticed you on my followers so thought I would stop by to say 'hi'. I don't know many bloggers in the UK so I am pleased to meet you.
I enjoyed seeing your very first stitching projects. That's great you still have them. My first stitching was a small flower and then I moved straight onto a big open fronted house which took many years to complete. I named my blog after the house and then couldn't figure out how to make a photograph of it into my blog header! Sadly these days I don't get much stitching done but I will enjoy visiting again and seeing your projects and SAL's.
Best Wishes
PS. Enjoyed feeding your fish. My daughter thinks they are cool!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Cath
Thanks for the info. I am sure my daughter will want me to add the fish. I originally managed to get the photograph as my header but couldn't re-size it. I will have to try again sometime.

Tracey said...

Great to see your 1st ever cross-xtitching, my 1st one was a teddy on a flower pot,, which is now in the bathroom, i agree charts have got so much better, the wish list is allways growing.

Take care, i will be back to blogging more after the holidays.


dawn said...

Hi Cath,
My first x stitch was at junior school. It was done with wool on canvas used for rugs, and made into a kettle holder. It was padded so the kettle handle wouldn't burn your hand (that shows how old I am lol) but it fell apart years ago. I don't have many photos of things I have stitched as I only got my digi cam last year.
I too stitched a wedding sampler for my best friend. It is upstairs in her bathroom on the floor with its face to the wall. I don't know where it will end up as they are renovating their house just now. Hopefully it will find a place on a wall somewhere .......

Love your blog by the way :)

Terri said...

Wow your back is great for a beginner. I do not have my first piece as it went to a quilt for a friends cousin. As far as I know she still has it.