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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Woo hoo

And now , it works. I think Blogger was just waiting for me to mention it , sorry , did I not say pretty please? PS , If anyone wants to feed my fish , please do , they are greedy little suckers.


Shellie said...

Well done Cath and Im pleased to leave you your first comment
Fed the fish too lol
Great fun
Bk to me knitting
Hugs Shellie

Tracey said...

Hi Cath,
Its great you have now got a blog, looking forward to many great stitching news from you,
Im having a blog holiday till my 2 go back to school,
Take care,

Neabear said...

I fed you fish too. They are greedy little things!! LOL! Glad you got the comment thingy fixed.

Dawn said...

Hi Cath,
I fed your fish as well. They will be as fat as little pigs soon lol.
Nice little site and it will be good to see your stitching in here.