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Monday, 31 August 2009

My Favourite Piece

From my least favourite stitched piece , to my favourite.
Whilst buying my magazines , I started to pick up Jill Oxtons' Cross Stitch Australia.The charts in these mags are fantastic ,especially if you like animal and wildlife pictures. This one got me as soon as I saw it. You know how some designs just yell your name when you see them , and you just have to stitch them ? Well , this was one of those. Unfortunately , I tend to get quite a lot of theses designs shouting at me , and most are put in a pile called my to do list , which gets longer instead of shorter lol.
This design was one of the lucky ones , it didn't have to wait ages to be stitched , and it got finished the same year it was started , in fact , it didn't take long to do at all.

All of the back ground is stitched ,which was a bit of a pain to do ,very boring , but well worth it in the end . I still love this picture ,and no matter what I go on to stitch , I think it will remain one of my favourites . these photos don't really do it justice , but I left it hanging on the wall and took the pictures at an angle to avoid flash glare.

I kind of went off Jill Oxtons' magazine when it started to concentrate more on beading than cross stitch , but I've recently bought a couple of back issues from e-bay , as the older ones still appeal to me.I hardly need anything else to go on my "list" anyway , lol .


Lindsay-ann said...

I can see why this is one of your favourite pieces. He is gorgeous. Thanks for showing him to us.

Cath said...

Nope , sorry , definately a "she" , lol . that is a momma looking down at her baby . That's how I always see it anyway . I call it "A Mothers' Love" . soppy git aren't I ? lol

Shellie said...

AWWW I love her she is gorgeous Cath
Well doen I can see why you love her so much
Hugs Shellie

Cath said...

Thanks Shellie. XXX