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Thursday, 3 September 2009


Today was my Daughters' first day at school . She looked so grown up in her uniform , but also looked really small . That probably sounds strange but if you've been there , you'll understand. She lined up in the yard and walked in with a smile and not a backwards glance , the best way to go , Bless her. She came out bouncing , and full of the joys , especially as she has been given a water bottle. And she hasn't stopped bouncing since lol . My Daughter has always been very bouncy, When I was pregnant I felt her move about six weeks before you're supposed to , and she hasn't stopped since . I just hope she calms down enough to go to bed soon , but she'd still excited as it's "big school again tomorrow". I'll be back within the next couple of days , with more stitchy stuff and probably some pictures from our visit to Monkey Forest on Tuesday . Right now , I've got two busy kids to get ready for bed . Cath

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