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Monday, 2 November 2009

The BIG Finish

I promised you a big finish ,and here it is :

This is from a chart called "Spirit of the Eagle" , and it has a story behind it (don't they all ?)

My husband spotted this chart first and really liked it, he likes the American Indian charts and doesn't have much choice of other things as he's not into doing girly or cute stuff. He showed it to me in the shop and I liked it too , but we didn't want to end up with two pictures the same , so he came up with the bright idea of having it reversed so we could both stitch it. I volunteered to do the reverse one.

A friend worked at a print shop at the time so he sorted it out for us , and off we stitched. I'm not totally sure , but I think we started this in 2002 or before then. My husband got on with his but I got side tracked doing other things , to the point where he was so far in front and I'd left it so long , I didn't want to do it any more , so there it sat :

Until June this year when I joined the stitch-along blog to try and get it finished. This is what it looked like then

It's been hard at times , but I'm so pleased to finally have this finished. I now only have two WIPS, My Christmas Recipe which is my new project for the SAL blog so hopefully I'll get more done on it now the Eagle is out of the way , and "Three Little Maids" , an Owl kit by Valerie Pfeiffer.

This is where I'm at with Christmas Recipe :

I still hope to get it finished in time to be framed for this Christmas , guess I'm going to be pretty busy lol.

Now ,we've got a visit to the framers to look forward to , after they've both been washed and freshened up. I'll show a picture of both when they are framed.

I should have another small finish to show soon ,as I'm working on another project for Stitch for Charity.

Thanks for dropping by , Cath


Shellie said...

Absolutely Stunning Cath well done xxx

Michelle said...

Wow and more Wow! It is truly stunning - congratulations! Your Christmas Recipe is also very sweet. Have a great week!

Dawn said...

Your eagle is brilliant! Well done you.

I also think your Minnies are really cute. :)

Tracey said...

Brill finish Cath,

I shall have to restart the eagle chart you gave me now, this looks wonderful,

Take care