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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Rudolf,Witzy,Kimono and a freaky egg!

Well ,with a title like that , you've got to be interested lol.
First , Rudolf : This is a kit with this months' Cross Stitcher mag , I have it on subscription so got it a couple of days early. I've changed the back stitch a bit and added beads instead of the stitched stars. Now , I'm going to do another one in slightly different colours and make them into stockings or goody bags for my kids.
He is just so cute , I can see myself stitching this chart a few times in the future.
Auntie Jane at Stitch for Charity was given an unfinished round robin to use on the quilts or cut up to make cards. It's a shame to cut it up , so I offered to fill in the missing section and it will be used as a centre piece on one of the quilts.

I love Little Suzy's Zoo ,especially Witzy so this was lovely to stitch. Though had to use a hoop as the fabric was so big and floppy.

This is the section I stitched , and I think he fits in well with the rest .

The kimono part is a birthday card I made for my cousins' daughter. It was quick and easy , but very effective and I like it.On to the freaky egg .

We have four hens , they are rescued ex-battery hens . We got them in May and a couple still have bald patches , but they quickly adapted to outside life and soon showed natural hen behaviour ,which is good as they can have lots of problems. One of the hens has always had problems with forming the shell on the egg , she can't seen to retain enough calcium to make the shell , despite being given shell supplement with the feed. We don't mind too much , as we have more eggs than we need so a couple of "squishies" don't cause any problems , we just clean them up and leave her to get on with it , she's happy enough and thankfully the soft eggs don't seem to cause her too many problems , as they can be more difficult to lay.

Anyway , this is what I found the other day when I went to check the coop

The shell hasn't quite formed properly , so a bit of the membrane was sticking out . It looked so weird. I used the egg pretty much straight away to avoid bacteria getting inside , and it was fine , just not quite finished lol.

Thanks for dropping by , have a good week,



vitadolce63 said...

Very cute your works!!

Michelle said...

Great stitching pics! Thank you for the interesting 'chicken' story.

Ginnie said...

Just bought the Cross Stitcher mag myself today and am very keen to do the cute Rudolph. I like the way you have used beads. Other work great too.

Shellie said...

great stitching Cath love Rudolf I have that kit too migth just sit and do it today Also love Witzy so cute and the Kimono is gorgeous I have those peel offs too lol
That egg is so wierd lol bet it tasted good tho you just cant beat fresh eggs
Hugs to you and yours Shellie

Always smiling said...

Lovely stitching and all those little cuty ones are so sweet.. I love the way you have them all together, I never think of things like that. Clever you!
I remember when my aunt had chickens we were always rushing to get an egg that had a part shell before one of the chickens trod on it.
It brought back such happy memories of my youth seeing that egg... thank you
Chris x

Lula said...

Dropping by via shellies blog to say what a lovely piece you stitched for her