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Monday, 30 November 2009

Look what is back...

from the framers !
We were very excited yesterday to get a phone call from the framers saying that the Eagles were ready to be collected. Especially as they are normally closed on Sundays . This time of year means extra work for everyone I guess. So , without further ado :This one is mine

And this one is my husbandsPlease ignore the smudgy fingerprints , we'd only just got them into place and I couldn't wait to take some photos. I'm really glad they're done , and though they cost a lot to have framed , I think it was worth it as we wouldn't be able to make them look anywhere near as good.

Also , it's going to be my only "BIG" finish this year as I won't be able to finish Christmas Recipe in time. I haven't done any this last couple of weeks ,and I'm not even half way through yet. I don't mind , I'm glad to see these up on the wall and I'll carry on with my Christmas one until it's done. At least I've got plenty of time for next Christmas lol.

no other news , still not finished my little bits ,so need to get cracking on them.

Thanks for dropping by , Cath x


Mylene said...

Both looks STUNNING!!! Great job to you both.

Stitching Kath said...


Ginnie said...

They look very impressive.

Lindsay-ann said...

Your eagles are beautiful. You both did great. The frames have made them look so special.