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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Where,oh where have my fishies gone?

Where,oh where can they be?
I've taken them off , and I've put them back on,
But they're nowhere to be seen.
Actually , I had a scary moment whilst trying to sort them out, I lost the background. Luckily I sorted it out without too much trouble . Maybe blogger just doesn't like fish at the moment.
Firstly , I'd like to say a big Thank you. The main reason I started this blog was to show my stitching to other people who would appreciate it, so your comments really mean a lot to me. thanks everyone.
Secondly , to show that I have actually been stitching , some pictures of my "smalls". I wasn't able to concentrate on my big project , but still needed to do something , so started stitching little bits for Christmas . While I was doing a couple of patchwork trees , my kids were spying at the charts and picked a couple they liked , so I thought I'd do them and make them into little hanging pillows.
After digging the sewing machine out of its' hidey hole , this is what I did yesterday.
The fabric they are sitting on is what I used for backing. These two are by Lucie Heaton , we have a link to some free designs on the Stitch for Charity site. The Santa is for my son , and the Reindeer for my daughter. Then , I was on a roll , so decided to do some more freebies I'd found online

The thread colours on the pink fabric are the recommended ones from the chart , and I just changed them to suit. These are Barbara Ana designs www.freewebs.com/barbara-ana-designs/.

I was hoping they would put them on the tree (yes the tree is up- a bit too soon for me , but hey ho) but they wanted them in their bedrooms .

The next ones are freebies fromhttp://www.stitchykitty.com/

These , I have done for a friend ,who has been "there" for me this last couple of weeks , despite having worries of her own , so I just wanted to do something to say thank you. They aren't posted yet , but I know she will receive them before seeing this.

And here they are , all together :

So , the advent calendars have been broken into , and I still have not got one single thing for Christmas. I normally make all my cards , but haven't the heart at the moment , so I bought some this morning and will just make ones for family and close friends . That's a job hopefully for the weekend.

Tomorrow is my daughters' nativity play , so lots of trips to school as they work with nursery so perform twice , once with morning nursery children and once with afternooners , but I'm looking forward to it.

We had our first proper frost of the season today , and boy is it cold. I think I need to buy some thermals.

thanks for dropping by , CathXX


Michelle said...

Wow, you have really been very productive - well done!

Shellie said...

WOW you have been busy and they are all fantastic
Hope you are well hun
hugs Shellie

Lindsay-ann said...

Your little Christmas stitching projects are beautiful. I will definately check out those stitching websites. It's understandable you haven't done any cards or anything yet. You have had a difficult few weeks. I hope you enjoy your daughter's nativity. I always started to feel Christmassy when I had seen my daughter's school nativity. It's not the same when they get to High School!

Gill - That British Woman said...

wow those are so pretty, I love them. Is the back just cross stitch fabric as well?

You are very talented.

Gill in Canada