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Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Wouldn't you know , they've both got it . Good job I stocked up on yoghurt , as their mouths are so sore and full of ulcers they can't eat much else ,poor little babes. I should have some small bits to show soon , but got to wait until they're finshed off , so may be a few days . Thanks , Cath


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Cathy
Sorry to hear that both your kids are ill. Hope they are both feeling better soon. I will be thinking of you on Friday at the funeral. Glad to hear your poem will be used. I enjoyed seeing your great sunset and sunrise pictures. Thanks for your recent comment. I hope you get to WDW one day. My daughter was 10 when we first went there although we went to the Paris one when she was 6.

Shellie said...

AWWWW hun so sorry hope they are both better soon Take care of yourself too
Hugs Shellie