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Monday, 23 November 2009

Ups and Downs

I was told this morning that a poem I gave to my Aunt and Uncle is being read out at the funeral service on Friday . I didn't write the poem , but it is lovely and I hoped it would help them a bit.
While I am quite proud to have been able to contribute in a small way , it is going to be a very emotional day.
I got a phone call from school at lunch time today to go and collect my daughter. She wouldn't eat her lunch as her mouth was sore so they checked her out and her mouth was full of blisters. She was also developing a lot of tiny pinprick spots. The school has had a few cases of Hand,Foot and Mouth and a quick visit to the doctors has confirmed it. Apparently they can't do anything about it , we just have to let it run its' course , but it's not very pleasant. And ,as it's fairly contagious ,she has to stay off school for a few days, so you can bet that my son will come down with it soon. In fact he is already looking a bit blotchy.
I am so tired.
On the bright side , look what I got in the post this morning

I won a giveaway from Cross Stitch Crazy(subs pages) , so that was a lovely surprise. They are so cute.

My friend Tracey has done the one with the envelope (I think it's the same) and made it into a cushion ,which looked lovely ,so I'll have to decide what to do with them. No doubt the kids will be falling out over which one they have, as they seem to want to claim all of my stitching at the moment lol.

Thanks for dropping by, Cath


Michelle said...

Sorry to hear about your daughter. Hope she gets well soon.

Lucky you winning those two cute kits.

Shellie said...

so sorry to hear ur DD is poorly and hope your DS doesnt go down with it too
The kits are lovely well done for winning hun well deserved
Hugs Shellie xxx