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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Red Sky.

Thank you for your thoughts and wishes.
I spent some time with my Aunt and Uncle yesterday , and felt a little better afterwards. We should know more after tomorrow when my cousins' body can be released. The funeral is likely to be towards next weekend.
I haven't been able to concentrate on much this week , so I've only done a little bit of stitching. I'll show those at another point when they are finished. So , here's a picture of where I got to on Christmas Recipe. This was taken on Sunday for the SAL , but it hasn't been touched since.
I love sunsets ,and also love to take pictures. My husband thanks technology for digital cameras , as otherwise it would cost us a fortune on getting films developed. I took some pics the other week of a lovely sunset , so thought I'd show them on here.
These pics were taken just before dark the other day , I was fascinated that it could be so black in one part of the sky, and so light in another.
The row of lights you can see in the bottom right hand corner is cars on the M1 , and the hills in the distance are the start of the Peak District. And , finally , this was the view from my back door at 7.15 this morning.

Pretty huh?

Shame it is accompanied by a whole lot of wind , the chooks are holing up inside today , they don't like it when it's windy.

I have some more followers! Thanks , guys.

As this is my 32nd post(I think) I've decided that when I get to 50 posts , or 25 followers , whichever comes first , I will have giveaway.

Thanks for dropping by , Cath

1 comment:

Shellie said...

great fotos I love to take pictures like that too
Hope you ok hun
Just to let u know if u receive a card from me soon its not a xmas card lol
Hugs Shellie xxx