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Monday, 14 December 2009

Done !

Well, my Christmas cards are done ,and pretty much sorted . Just a couple more to post , which are waiting to be added to , and a couple to hand deliver to people we will be seeing this weekend.
I found it a real bind again this year , just couldn't get into the mood for it .I even ended up buying some ,which I haven't done for quite a few years.I still made a lot of cards though. Some were stitched , mainly for stitching friends , and the rest were done with stamps, peel offs and special papers.

So , these are my stitched cards. A couple aren't pictured , as I was so engrossed in getting them written on ready to send, I sealed the envelopes before thinking about taking photos.

And these are the rest

These were made using some Bentley Bear stamps that were free with one of the card making mags a while ago.(The only reason I bought it).They're cute , and I like Bentley and plan on doing some stitched pics of him next year. Typically , I have some cards and components left over , so I'll have to try and remember where I've put them for next year , and remember not to send them to the same people lol.

So , not much progress on my Christmas stitching , though I have done a bit . After all that card making and writing , I felt like a bit of self indulgent stitching , so yesterday in between going out for new fairy lights, I did this

It's from the latest issue of Cross Stitcher , and just me. Just need to decide whether to mount it or make it into a bookmark now. I'm leaning towards a bookmark , but who knows.

Thanks for dropping by , and to all who read this blog, A very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and frog free New Year. I would have liked to send out cards , but don't know your addresses on the most part , so please accept my very best wishes.

I'll hopefully be back to waffle before the man in red comes though ,lol



Shellie said...

Absolutely gorgeous you have been busy
I see your still enjoying the vari thread hun LOl addictive isnt it Love the bookm ark too nice to do some selfish stitching occasionaaly isnt it?
Love and hugs and Merry Christmas to you too

Michelle said...

That is a great collection of cards - I can only imagine all the work that had to go into them! I'm sure everyone who receives one of your special cards will be delighted!

Dawn said...

Great cards Cath! You have been busy, and done so many too! I don't know how you do it with little ones to keep up with too!
Hope this message is posted as google have been a bit naughty and not posting others! :(
Take care
Have a great Christmas!

Dawn said...

PS Good to see your little fishies back :)

stitcheranon said...

Wow, wonderful cards..and sooo many!
Well done! I love the bookmark as well. Lovely colours!