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Tuesday, 22 December 2009


We had quite a bit of snow over the weekend . I'm not too keen on the stuff now I'm older, I just want to fill the house with food and hibernate until it's gone. Not sure if it's because I'm an "adult" or because I'm a Mum , but when the weather closes in , so do I.
This is what it was like on Sunday

So ,yesterday morning , me and the kids went out and did thisTo the great interest of the chickens lolThis is their first experience of snow , but they haven't been fazed by it at all. They just hop about a bit more as it's cold to their feet , but a bit of porridge in the afternoon seems to help them cope.

After making the snowman and getting the kids inside to warm up , I went and cleared the drive , and this is the view from out front

It may or may not look like it now , as we've got freezing fog at the moment ,so can't see much beyond the hedge over the road. Today , we're staying in.

Thanks for dropping by , hopefully I'll have a last stitchy post before Christmas X Cath


Lesleyanne said...

What a stunning view to have at the bottom of your garden. Thank you for your comments on my blog. Happy Christmas.

Shellie said...

Beautiful views from your garden and cute snowman well done mummy and kids.
Have a good one hun
Hugs Shellie

Mylene said...

Great views! Thanks for sharing. We haven't that much here on the island but atleast the kids had fun with their friends.

loulee said...

Shiverrrrrrr! Living over here on an island has it's advantages. We are getting the snow, but it's melting almost as soon as it falls.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the snow pics - what a beautiful view to have! The chickens are so cute:)